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"Building Your Entourage"
A good Entourage will help you get what you want and help you keep what you've got. Make sure you run a tight ship.
This is the Basic Entourage for all Aspiring Playas and Divas who want to come-up and make The Draft into The Player's Lifestyle. Be sure not to over-extend your pimpin'!
Don't bite off more than you can chew, and don't fill your "Stable" with more people and assets than you can handle!


A Boss or "Sidekick" is a True Player's "Partner In Crime" and a reliable friend who will keep a Player safe and watch his/her back. A Sidekick wants you to do well and wants to see you Succeed in your quest to reach the Top. With a Winner like this on your team, you can conquer the World. Furthermore, having an honest and reliable friend with similar goals will give the both of you a better chance of achieving your dreams. This person can be a lover like Bonnie and Clyde (or George and Weezie) or a Best Friend.

Counsellor/ Advisor/Coach:

All Divas and Playas need a Counsellor with experience and/ or expertise - perhaps a Professional in a certain industry. A Counsellor is usually an Elder or someone who has good Wisdom and Game. Make sure you evaluate him or her well and realize that the advice that he or she gives is only advice and that the advice given should as considered well before any action is taken. He or she must be a good listener, trustworthy, and not a hot-headed fool - or a person who jumps to conclusions.


As a True Player in The Game you need to be associated and acquainted with other Players who possess talent and skills that keep you looking good, fly, and butter-smooth when you're out on that Red Carpet. Many are known in The Game as Managers or Assistants. These people are a must for the Elite Players, Dons, Divas, and Ballers who don't have the time to handle the details of their busy lives alone. Most importantly, a True Player needs to have strong Allies, Resources, and Associates on his or her team who can provide good services, products, or business information. Good Resources will help make your business or life a Success. No one can do it completely alone.


Involve yourself with people who can help you make money, but be careful of sharing with them your "trade secrets". Be fair to your tricks, because this will inspire them to be fair to you. But don't trust them! They may be gossips, pimps in disguise, player-haters, or hustlers who will do whatever it takes for gains - even if it means competing against you or misleading you. Learn their ways and continuously make them "prove" their integrity by letting them know that you are wary of their ways. Finally, and most important... make sure they respect you and your Game. Tricks in your stable are optional.

Lames/ Scrubs:

Don't be influenced by Lames and Scrubs, but mold them into Soldiers and Lower Dons and Divas for your team, until they are able to branch out on their own. Lames and Scrubs who are transformed into Players will help you build your Empire and establish yourself among The Elders or The Elite. Put your Squires and Maidens to work and allow them to pay their dues in The Game. Bless them with wisdom so that one day they are able to hold "The Command Center" down as you make moves to reach the Higher Levels of The Good Life and The Player's Lifestyle. But remember! Don't pick-up any of their foolish habits or lazy ways. They could drag you down also!

(talent) Hoes:

Sometimes - maybe often - you will have to pimp your own skills to bring in those Golden Coins. Make sure you practice and work hard to make your skills (hoes) superior than - or at least as good as - the next man's (or woman's). Don't "play yourself out" by wasting your talent! Make sure that your mind is focused and that your body is fit and prepared so that you can always do your best.

(cash) Hoes:

There is only one way cash can truly benefit you... And that is only if you invest it wisely! Moreover, you should invest in yourself and your talent. Stack your cash and use it to make more cash! Save, Invest, and Expand! Money is a tool that can make your Life easier and more stable. It is a foundation that will keep your personal business and professional business as solid as a rock! LEARN THE SECRETS OF BUILDING WEALTH! And pimp them dollar bills as hard as you can.

(assets) Hoes:

Never fall in love with your assets! Remember: Player's don't love hoes! So, everything and anything is "for sale" except for the True Treasures of Life, which are Love, Peace, and Friendship. Use your assets to spread your Fame and your Game. NEVER set your heart on "false treasures" that haters and thieves can steal or destroy.

A Word of Caution About Hoes:

It's not wise for Aspiring Playas and Divas to keep street hoes or "closet hoes" in their Stable... Hoes can ruin a Player's reputation and bank accounts! They are distractions because they can't be trusted! Don't let them sway your focus with their trifling ways. They are parasites! They are cheaters and playa-haters who try to mooch and steal from true hard-working Dons and Divas who are livin' The Good Life.
Don't get involved with them or any of their foolishness! Only the "street-pimps" have hoes! And beware because some hoes are pimps in disguise who will try to use you for their own financial or material gains!
So, be on your best guard and keep your mind and eyes open at all times!
Remember: Deception, Theivery, and Manipulation is not only the way of the Mercenary Pimp - It is also the way of these low-level Hoes!

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