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babe - a person who is attractive or cute; a female; a young person. a common nickname or reference for a lover.

baby-boo - (1) a special person; a dear friend or intimate companion; (2) a common nickname or reference for a lover; a "wifey" or "husband" (3) a young person

bad - a person, place, or thing, that is super-attractive or super-hot. (2) a person, place, or thing, that is powerful or ominous. (3) a person, place, or thing that is deceitful or malicious.

baggage - personal issues and/or responsibilities; stuff. drama.

Baller (or Big Baller) -

ballin' - (1) to spend freely; to be carefree; to have a good time;  (2) to drive very fast;
"Greg is such a dumbass. He spent his entire paycheck at the club last night ballin to impress those hoodrats and hanks."
"It amazes me how Santa is able to deliver so many gifts in one night. He must have been ballin' all the way."
"The three hour drive only took me two hours because I stayed in the fast lane with the pedal to the metal - ballin' all the way."

ball til you fall (or ball-out) - to spend all of your money shopping, partying, or parlaying; to spend freely; to have fun without worrying about consequences; ballin'

bam - an exclamation similar to "booyah" or "boo-yoww"; to show

bargain - to negotiate; to haggle; to wheel and deal; to hustle

big doggin - to ball-out and show-off one's wealth; to boss and floss; to flaunt one's Pimpness or Game;

big willie style - (1) to do something big or important; to show strong game, presence, or influence (2) to look uppercrust or high class; (3) major; huge;
"Puffy's party was off the hook! A lot of people throw extravagant parties and balls, but he does it Big Willie Style!"

blank (or blink) - to flip-out, black-out; to lose your cool. also, to get in the zone, to do something out of the ordinary.
"When the cashier told me I couldn't exchange my merchandise, I started blankin'. I fussed him out. Then, I called for the manager, and fussed him out. Then, I demanded to speak to his boss so I could fuss his boss out too. Eventually, I got what I wanted - and a discount - but I had to blank on all of 'em to do it."

bless - to give; to give a gift to someone; to show love to someone
"I was very in love with Trystal and it surprised that night when she blessed me with a kiss."
"I thought my Dad was angry but he blessed me with the car this weekend."

blingin - (active form of bling) a person or thing that shines brightly; extremely clean; sparkling
"Every car at the car show was clean and shiny but the classic cars had a lot of chrome that was just blingin'!"
"That rapper had a lot of "ice" on, but that charm on his necklace was really blingin'."

bloomers - female underwear; panties; drawz;
"Maybe if he would man-up and take those bloomers off people would respect him more."

blow-up - to achieve; to rise; to increase in status
"My family and friends are laughing now, but one of these days I'm gonna be a famous butt-dart champion and blow-up like George and Weezie."

bomb (or "the bomb") - a person, place, thing, or idea that's hot; exciting; top shelf; the best

boodha (commonly used - "that's that boodha" - of Buddha) - anything that elevates or stimulates the mind; an idea, situation, or thing that causes a person to think deeply; a thing that inspires;

boorish - uncouthed; to have no class, respect, or manners; rude; inconsiderate; wild, loud, and ignorant;

booster - a thief; a shoplifter; a person who steals and sells his or her stolen goods for profit;
"Be careful. Some hustlers are boosters who will steal your stuff and sell it right back to you."

bootleg - (1) a fake; fraudulent; an imitation; a cheap copy (2) cheap; inferior; lacking in style or physical appearance
"Who does that gimp think he is? He's no Player. He's bootleg pimp."

booty - (1) buttocks; derrie`er; butt; hindpots (behind parts but not private parts); (2) trash; messed up; bad; inferior; sorry; worthless; bunk; to stink
"A woman's hair is her glory. Her breasts are spectacular. But her round plump booty is something to behold."
"That was the worst movie I ever saw. Even the critics say it was straight-up booty."

booyah (or boo-yoww) - to surprise; to make known; to show; to proclaim.
"Boo-Yah!" (actually "Boo-Yoww!") is a slang term that was popular in the eighties ('83 - '87). It's an onomatopoeia (a word that imitates the sound to which it refers).
"BOO-Yoww!" imitates a certain type of explosive sound (shotgun blast or bomb). These words were used by a lot of "gangster rappers" (i.e. "Easy E" of N.W.A.) back in the day. Stewart Scott of ESPN also made "Boo Yah" popular by using it a lot in his sports commentary.
If you remember when people used to refer to something "hot", "attractive", or "great" as being "The Bomb", then you know what "BOO-Yah!" or "BOO-Yoww!" means - Whatever you're talking about, showing off, or representing, you're saying it's hot, great, good, the best, or top notch. In essence, you're yelling:

"Okay, you have to two kings and two queens, but BOO-YOWW - I have four aces!"

break off (to break someone off something) - (1) to give; to share; (2) to pay money that is due (3) to kick butt; to assault; to whup some ass
"If that chump doesn't break me off my five bucks, I'm gonna break his ass off something."

brickhouse - a bodacious woman; a very sexy woman; a thick woman; a woman with style and class; a stallion

bum - (1) a moocher; a beggar; a loser; a scrub (2) a hater

burn-out - to leave; to exit
"I'll holla at you guys later. I'm about to burn-out."

buster (or busta) -

busted - to be exposed or caught. (2) messed-up, broken.

butter - (1) smooth; suave'; slick; hot but classy; swank; nice to look at; hooked-up but not overdone; tasteful; a thing of beauty; graceful; (2) a thing of value; (3) money; chedda; bread; duckies; benjamins; dollars; gwop


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