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fakin' the funk - pretending to be "in the know"; pretending to be "cool" or "down". to fraud; to fake; (a liar; a wannabe).

fall-off - to lose value. to deteriorate. to go broke.
"He used to be a real ladies man. Now, he's lucky if any girl would even talk to him. It's a shame how he's done fell-off."

fall-out - to have an argument or altercation; to fight
"I've been in an love-hate relationship with Gina for two years. It seems almost every weekend we're either "in-love" or we're "falling-out."

fam (or "family") - close friends and/or relatives; members of a crew, group, company, club, or clique; intimate friends and associates

fast - sexually agressive; loose; freaky; (a nymphomaniac, a hoe).

feel (or feeling a vibe) - (1) to understand; to comprehend; (2) to empathize with;

flashy - flambouyant; a person place or thing that stands out (extremely noticable); blingin';
"Too much bling or "loud"-ass suits on the average person who tries to be flashy can make him or her look like a clown or completely vulgar."

flex - (1) to go back on one's promise; to use the old "bait and switch" tactic; to trick; (2) to cheat; to con; to get sh*tted; (3) to exploit (4) to set a person up for failure; to cause a person's downfall; to snitch; to back-stab
"Monica thought they were friends, but Linda flexed her and told everybody everything Monica had said."
"He thought he was getting a good deal on a tire, but after they finished adding all of the extras, he knew he had been flexed."

flip (or flip-out) - (1) to buy and resell quickly for profit; to hustle some form of work or product (2) to sell; to get rid of for a profit; (3) to switch or change one's attitude; to go back on one's word or promise; to lie; to backstab another person; (4) to lose one's mind; to go crazy; to go bezerk; to blank on someone;

floozy - a term usually referred to women but is also directed towards bawdy men and women; an agressive freak; a man or woman who is easily persuaded to engage in sexual action; a loser; a scrub; a low-class man or woman; a man or woman of "convenience"; a toy; a trick.

floss - to shine, to be exceptionally clean, immaculate; to stand out, to pimp.

flow - to move or speak with style, grace, or above average skill. To move in unison.

flower - a woman or young lady.

fly - a person, place, or thing that is attractive, or has sex-appeal; hot, cool, bangin', bad, fine, super-nice, smooth 

foreplay - a warm-up; bonding; any ritual used to set the tone or improve the vibe to make the main event of a situation more pleasurable.

fox - (1) a sexy woman or man; a very attractive person; (2) a con-artist; a manipulator; a "slick" or sly person; one who is cunning

foxy - (1) to look sexy or to have a certain degree of sex-appeal; attractive; a brickhouse

fraud - (1) a con; a trick; trickery; deception; bad pimpin

freak - a person who loves to experience different types of sexual acts. a salacious person. a sex-addict. a pervert. a person who will try almost anything that has to do with sex.

free agent - a single man or woman; un-committed; a Player or Hustler who claims no affiliation to another clique or group; solo

*Friends With Benefits - a relationship between two people who are not committed to each other but provide each other with physical, intimate, and sometimes romantic companionship or emotional support. Sometimes used as an escort for social events; An O.G.

frontin' - fakin' the funk; pretending; to decieve.
"He drives his daddy's station wagon around like he owns it but everybody knows it's not his. He's just frontin'."


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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