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The Player's Dictionary - last pimp update - 05/09/09


"Now is the Time to Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Soul..."

Keep your mind FOCUSED ON LIVING
"The Good Life"

"The Player's Lifestyle"

Introduction To "The Player's Dictionary"

To ALL of my Brothers and Sisters who live
The True Player's Lifestyle...
And to all of my Aspiring Dons and Divas...
Always remember the fundamentals of
"The Formula"

1. Respect "The Game" - recognize that Life is not fair nor a good life promised. Those who have good Game will be blessed. But those who are the victims of The Game shall suffer. The world is full of "Good", yet trials and tribulation shall have their day. Stay on your tippy toes, grind, and hustle. Be wise and aware. Never underestimate the Game of another Player, scrub, lame, hater, or trick. Be wary of their ways and Consider that "Game recognize Game".  
2. Love Yourself First - Clear your mind of negative thoughts, negative assumptions, and fear of success. Don't be a doormat! You ARE worthy. You DO have what you need to live a good life AND to enjoy your life. Feel the power inside of your mind and in your bones. You CAN get what you want out of life. Stand up and Fight for your fair share of The Good Life! Avoid actions, ideas, and friendships that bring you down. Don't focus on failed or bad experiences. They're done and gone. Keep your mind on doing the right things. Help yourself. Be fair to yourself. Then, you can put yourself in a position to help others. Don't neglect your duties and friendships! Yet, get your Benefits and Peace of Mind first and foremost, and you will have more Energy and Drive to succeed and take care of others.
3. Stack Your Cash for Hard Times and Good Times - With your bankroll on swole, you can continue to have fun and enjoy life in any economic condition.
4. Have Courage and Confidence in your Game. Believe in Yourself. Furthermore, KEEP YOUR GAME "IN CHECK", and you will radiate a good Vibe and good Karma so that those who see you will respect your Steelo and your Game.
5. Be Assertive, Make Moves, and Take Control of Your Life - You are blessed with a free will. Only you can live your life, therefore you MUST be in Control. Be about your Business, and Hustle as hard as you can for as long as you can.
6. Network - make "friends" and allies. The more resources you have, the more versatile and well-rounded you are in business and in your personal life. You never know when you may have to depend on a family or friend in a time of need.
7. Practice these "pimp principles" daily and keep your "Pimp-Hand" strong for Supreme Game, Perseverance, Skill, and Wisdom are the keys to excellent karma and long life.
8. Maintain Self Control and Stay focused on your hustle and goals - avoid confusion. Let not the doubters and haters sway you from The Good Path, talk you out of your game, or hinder you from reaching your Goals. Follow your Dreams, stand tall, and be not removed from the way of True Dons and Divas.
9. Beware Of playa-haters but don't dwell on them or hate them - doubters, busters, haters, and instigators will motivate you to rise and achieve. Remember: Every Hero needs a Nemesis.
10. Never over-extend your pimpin' or play the game too tight - bullying, oppression, malice, and bad pimpin is bad for business. It's okay to be hard, but be fair. Your reputation and name are known by your actions. Therefore, be wise and don't burn bridges.
11. Your Image, Character, and Reputation - your "M.O.", which is a major part of your Game, speaks for itself. Therefore, have Style and Class and Represent The Game well at all times!
12. Have a "Back-Up Plan" and Be Prepared for the worst in crucial situations. A Player is a "problem-solver", but when unexpected situations or emergencies arise, you must "expect" them, and deal with them the best that you can. Realize what you WANT to happen, what you DON'T WANT to happen, what MIGHT happen, and the WORST that could happen. Be prepared mentally and physically. (Sometimes, "emotionally", we have no control.)
13. Don't get high off of your own supply. Don't fall in love with your assets, products, services, or talents. Neither should you get too complacent. Don't let your Ego cause you to stop hustling and making moves! Players who get the "big head" and walk around in a daze admiring their one or two accomplishments will be "blinded" by success. This will bring you down and weaken your Game. Stay Hungry, keep working, keep hustling, and making moves! Keep using your "Assets" and accomplishments to expand your Game and to benefit yourself and others. Furthermore, don't let your Ego or Pride cloud your mind and judgement.
14. Don't depend on, or rely on, Anybody (or Anyone) for the Success or Failure of your life. Realize that many people don't always keep their promises and that there are shady characters always lurking about the Earth. They will "test" your patience, integrity, and Game at times. Take your time and consider Propositions well before doing business or giving people your hard-earned money. Ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears open.
15. Keep your "hoes" (assets) in-check - which are your Talents, Cash, Steelo, Trinkets, and Investments. Make sure they are PRODUCING and helping you rise to the Top. Your "hoes" are a representation of your Game, therefore, make sure your Game is tight in all aspects.

These fifteen simple rules are CRUCIAL to obtaining and enjoying "The Good Life".
They'll keep you in "pimp-mode" at all times!
But, you must keep them in your head at all times!

The Player's Dictionary will help you focus on these "Principles" with the definitions and philosophies you need to navigate this Luxurious Galactic Voyage.
Don't Hate! Forsake jealousy and the envious way. Peep the Game of other Dons, Divas, Ballers, Shot Callers and "pimps". Learn from their successes as well as from their mistakes.
Don't latch on to any foolishness...
Or, any of their foolish ways.
WATCH-OUT for the playa-haters!
And, NEVER...
Don't ever playa-hate on YOUR-SELF!
Your Destiny is in your hands as long as you have the power of Self-Control AND the Mind of a Hustler! Therefore, Discipline is the Key. And, Your life is ultimately determined by the decisions YOU make.
Play on Dons and Divas! Use your strength and wisdom and do good for yourself in this lifetime. Enjoy your work and the fruits of your labor.
No one can stop you from reaching The Top except yourself.
Keep Your Head Up and Keep It Pimpin...


"How True Players Keep Their Game Tight."

The Player Lifestyle

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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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