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The Ultimate Player's Website
Exclusively Dedicated To Aspiring Dons and Divas

"It's not wise for an
Aspiring Playa or Aspiring Playette
to put a strain on his (or her) current lifestyle.
Improve your Game and save your Money
little at a time."

dap - a kind of handshake with a snapping of fingers afterwards (usually used by Players); a touching of fists between two people; a greeting;
"Usually when Players meet they shake hands or give each other dap. Divas usually hug."
"When 'Big Ben' won his first Superbowl, I was pleasantly surprised to see the owner, Dan Rooney, giving the players some dap."

*Date - un-committed to one person; not "tied-down" or devoted to one person; to attend social events or visit entertainment venues with various plutonic, or romantic friends; to mix and mingle with various people for physical, intimate, or romantic pleasure; to have more than one lover or intimate friend.

decked-out - to customize or organize in a flamboyant way.
"His car was sparkling and all decked-out in chrome."

delegate - to appoint someone to do perform a task; to command someone to do something;

damaged goods - a person with issues or "baggage"; a person who has had a bad experience in a previous relationship and is reluctant to move on to a new relationship because he or she has lost faith or trust in a "potential" mate

deep pockets - wealthy; to have unlimited cash-flow; to have more than enough money to spend

dilly-dally - to procrastinate; to waste time; to loiter

dime - a very attractive person, a "hot" chick - usually refers to divas and women with sex-appeal.

dip - (1) to leave; to bounce; to remove oneself from the premises; to get out; (2) to drive off; (3) to abandon
"I went to the store but they didn't have what I was looking for, so I dipped."

dividends - money; gwop; scratch; bread; benjamins; finances; revenues

dog - a hoe, a male or female sex-addict; a cheater; a scoundrel; a player in the game of Romance. (2) a close male or female friend; a side-kick; a reliable friend.

dog out - (1) to abuse; (2) to drain; to use up; (3) to be wasteful
"She trusted him with all her heart and the bum cheated on her, took her money, and completely dogged her out."

dope - hot, superb; eye-catching, flambouyant

double-take - to look at something twice; to get a better look at what you glanced at or thought you saw.
"I glanced at this chick, but she was so fine, I had to do a double-take to get a better look at her."

drama - upset conditions; confrontation; an unfriendly or combative situation
"I'm trying to watch the game, Honey. The last thing I want to do is fuss and fight with you. I don't need any drama in my life right now."

drama queen -

drawz (or drauze) - "drawers"; boxers, briefs, panties; anytype of underwear used to cover the lower part of the body.
"Only hoodrats and scrubs wear their pants so low that their drawz are showing."
"I thought that broad had class until I saw all of those holes in her drawz."

drop-top - a convertible automobile; a car with a romovable top; rag-top.

drug through the mud - beat-up; worn-out; wrecked. in disarray. in shambles.
"That girl's hair was so messed up it looked like she had been drug through the mud."

dub - anything that has a value of twenty - a twenty dollar bill, twenty inch wheels, twenty dollars worth of ham.

DZL - (1) Top Of The Line; The Greatest; The Best (2) Game; Izm; a person's Game (i.e. talent, skills, knowledge, wisdom, etc.) (3) Supreme Game; superb Game; (4) Social Skills and Talents


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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