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"If You have a clear GOAL and a clear PLAN, the World is a Goldmine."

G-Code (The Gangster Code) - the Code of the streets; the unwritten rules of the streets between gangsters, Hustlers, and Players;

G.P. - General Principle; "just because"; to make aware or known
"I didn't have anything against the mechanic. I cussed him out just for G.P. I had to let him know upfront that I wasn't gonna pay a lot for that muffler."
"Since we weren't dating anymore, I didn't give her a Valentine's Day gift, but I called her up anyway just for G.P."

gala (a gala affair) - a party; a Player's Ball; a social event

The Game -

Game -

game - (1) an industry, a job; a sport; a hobby; an activity (2) a trick; to fool; to play head-games; to manipulate

game-face - (1) to have the "eye of the tiger"; to be focused on a singular goal or purpose; to create an adrenaline rush within one's body (2)to be "pumped-up" or crunk before starting a task; to be ready for battle

gangsta (of gangster) - (1) a hooligan; a violent person; a mercenary thug or hustler who uses violence as a means of persuasion and negotiation; a man or woman of the UnderWorld; (2) a man or woman who lives the thug lifestyle; a person who makes moves; (3) a person, place, thing, or idea that is thugged-out, ominous, or revered; (4) a person, place, thing, or idea associated with - or of - the UnderWorld or UnderGround; (5) to have no fear; to be "'bout it"; to be "down for whatever"; to act or do a thing no matter what the consequences are;
(5) "I was down by four holes late in the tournament. I knew the only way for me to make a comeback was to go over the pond, past the bunker, and through those woods. It was a great risk, but I had to go gangsta to even think about having a chance of winning."
(4) "Man, I like your shirt. That's straight-up gangsta."

gas up - (1) to encourage; to boost someone's ego with flattery or a pep-talk; (2) to mislead with false encouragement or flattery;

gemini -

George and Weezie - from the 70s sitcom "Jeffersons" (George and Louise Jefferson); an inseparable couple; a romantic partnership; to blow-up or become successful like George and Weezie

get at - (1) to confront; to call up; to approach (2) to regulate; to assault; to "put in check"

gimp - a wannabee-pimp. a person who is "pimpin' backwards". a bootleg pimp. a fake. a step up from a "simp". a pimp who needs help in his or pimpin'.

girlfriend - a female companion

give the eye - to admire another; to flirt; "inviting" or "friendly" facial expressions and body language (i.e. a smile, a wink, a nod, or positioning of the head) used by one who is trying to attract or flirt with another; to let someone know you are interested romantically
"After I got my new duds and fresh haircut, I swear, it seemed like every girl in the mall was giving me the eye."

glamorous lifestyle - a lifestyle of wealth and excess; a pampered lifestyle; the lifestyle of True Players - especially Queens, CappaDonnas, and Divas;

go-getter - a hustler; a person who is determined to succeed; a person who is driven and has a high energy level; a person who ambitious; a True Player
"99.9% of all Divas are successful because they are go-getters. They work hard and hustle for what they have and want. They don't depend on luck."

go hard - to do your best; to perform at your peak; to give one hundred percent; to give it all you've got when involved in a task;

goddess - a supreme Diva; a powerful woman; a woman who is respected and admired world-wide for her work and/or contributions to life (1) A woman who is followed and/or revered. (2) A woman well-known for her sex-appeal and confidence.

god-father - a Player of high degree or status who is respected and revered by other Players; a sage; a successful and experienced Player who has survived and thrived in The Game for decades

good money - money with no debt attached to it; surplus money; money that is not owed to anyone;
"How in the hell can he say that he makes good money when he has an ass-load of bills to pay every month? And every week, he's broke!"

grace - a positive aura; strong in wisdom and understanding; blessed in all ways but especially in wisdom; to radiate wisdom and good game

groupie - a person who is "star-struck" or one who is in constant pursuit of a famous person in hopes that they will be noticed and accepted for a romantic adventure or perhaps love; a borderline stalker; a female opportunist; one who is in constant pursuit of someone they fantasize about

guardian angel - an overseer, mentor, advisor, or benefactor; inner voice; a spirit or karmatic friend; a positive spiritual force that assists a person in good and bad times

gwop - money; funds; dividends; duckies
"If that bum doesn't have my gwop on Thursday the 12th, Friday is really gonna be a day of bad luck for him."


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