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"If you're ashamed of what you do, then you're not doing the right things.
Change your Game and live on the right path to peace and riches."

ladies man - a romantic player; a gigolo; a man who engages in escapades with various women; a pick-up artist; a man who understands women; a man who exploits women.
"Bobby is a ladies man who dates five women a week."

laid-back - cool, relaxed, calm, chillin', conservative.

lamb - an "innocent" young woman; a virgin; a kind man or woman; a nice person; a person who is good or kindhearted
"I've known Mary all her life and she has always been a sweet little lamb."

lame - usually a male scrub; a male or female scrub; a hoodrat; a drifter; also a shy person; a weak-minded person; a loser; a male or female with no energy or drive; a coward

lay-down - to seduce. to conquer; to establish (2) to give up; to quit
"After we got married, she laid down the laws and all I could do was lay down and obey."

leader - (1) a man or woman takes responsibility for the needs and direction of a group or company; (2) the head of a group or company; a C.E.O.; a Boss; a man or woman responsible for helping a group or company reach its goals

leo -

libra -

livin' large - wealthy; rich; big baller status; to be in possession of lots of money or material possession; to live in excess; to live a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle; (2) to spend freely

loser - a person who lacks drive, ambition, and goals; also a person who refuses to improve himself (or herself) yet lives off of another person's accomplishments or work. A scrub; a moocher; a deadbeat; a hoodrat; a parasite

lot lizard - a truck-stop groupie; people who frequent truck-stops looking for "opportunities" and tricks; a hoe

loud - (1) noticeable; to stand out; (2) obnoxious; offensive; overdone (3) colorful; extremely bright; flamboyant; indiscreet; (4) excess

*Love - a compelling feeling of devotion; an overpowering obsession; an addiction to a person, place, thing, or idea.
Where there is love, there is devotion, loyalty, and passion. If there are doubts or uncertainty, then it isn't Love. When you're in love, you don't have to ask or get anyone's opinion. You wouldn't care. Your mind would only be focused on doing everything in your power to show your love. You would be driven to please only him or her.

It wouldn't matter what your love looked liked, did for you, the negative things people say, or how you were being treated. You would excuse most (if not all) of their faults. If you are in love, you will be devoted regardless. And your only purpose in life would be to show your love how much you truly do love Him or Her.

low budget - simple tastes; thrifty; easy to maintain; inexpensive to date.

low maintenance - low budget; simple tastes; thrifty; easy to maintain; inexpensive to date.

lumpy - usually referring to the status or financial condition of one's pockets or bank account as being excessive; pockets full of cash
"No matter how much money Warren Buffet donates, his pockets will always be lumpy."

luscious - bulging; round and beautiful; bold yet soft to the touch; smooth and sensuous; firm and silky; cuddly; usually referring to the physical traits of a woman's body.
"A beautiful woman with a nice personality and a nice luscious booty will win my vote every time."

Luxurious - extravagant; plush; livin' large; ballin'; high class; to live comfortably surrounded by the joys of sensual pleasures


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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