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"Don't become a slave to the things you want or own. Don't let your possessions possess you."

jacked up - (1) to maul; to shake something up; to ram; to use force; to assault; to "beat down" or "beat-up"; (2) broken; in a mess; in disarray; (3) wrong; "messed up"; in violation of
"I can't believe she cheated on him after all he has done for her. That's jacked up."
"When she caught him cheating, she jacked his ass up."

jam - any type of music.
"I love that song. That's my jam."

jazzy - (1) flambouyant; pimped-out; nice to look at; (2) to put on display; to show-off (3) sarcastic; rude in attitude or speech; smart-mouthed; condescending
"She looks jazzy in her new outfit."
"Don't get jazzy with me, boy. Now, put on your Sunday-best and get ready for church."

jewel - (1) an attractive woman; (2) a good man or good woman; a "good catch"; a desired person; a man or woman who has a reputation as being a good catch (3) a person or thing that is hot; great; or fantastic
"I go to the studio, drop a jewel, hopin' it pay; gettin' high; watchin' time fly; to live and die in L.A." - Tupac (lyrics from "To Live And Die In L.A.")

jerk - a person with an obnoxious personality. rude.

jester - a clown, a buffoon, a silly person, a dumb-ass.

jewel - anything of value or use: a person, a material possession, knowledge, information, a skill or talent.

jiggy - (1) to have a flambouyant style or swagger; jazzy; (2) to be on display; to show-off one's pimpness; to impress others with one's style and swagger (3) to show-off one's game, talents, skills, or other attributes ("to get jiggy with it")

jip - to take advantage of; to cheat.
"The scrub realized later that he had paid more for the car than what it was worth and told all of his friends that the salesman jipped him."

jiggy - to have a flambouyant style or swagger.

joint - (1) a place or thing; (2) a place or thing that brings pleasure or creates excitement;
"The Player's Ball was a gala affair held every year at Belvedere's Crystal Palace. Only the Top Dons and Divas were allowed in the joint."
"Have you heard Faith Hill's new CD? That's my joint!"

jump (or jumpin') - to be full of excitement; to have a good time; to "move the crowd"

juicy -

junk - a curvacious booty. The more curves - the more "junk in the trunk". Sometimes there may be some lumps in the junk, but if it's mostly round, it's still all good. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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