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o.g. - (1) Old-School Gangster; a Veteran of The Game; a Player from "back in the day"; (2) Other Girlfriend or Other GuyFriend; a "chick on the side"; a pansy; a paramour; middleman; clean-up woman; clean-up man; OPP (yeah, you know me... not);
"Trent thought he had things sewed up with his girlfriend, Candi and his baby-momma, Lisa - who is also his OG on the side- but litttle did he know, their utopian love-triangle was about to come to a head."

off the chain - wild, crazy. hot, fabulous, sexy, extraordinary.
"The girls in the club last night were off the chain. They were dancing around all crazy, strippin', and just acting plain wild."
"I like my girlfriend's Honda but her Farrari is off the chain."

off-the-hook - (see "off-the-chain")

on a roll - to repeat one's actions; to do something over again; to give a second performance

on lock - to have complete control of a situation; to have power or dominance over a person, place, or thing; to be a legend or well-known in an industry;

open (to have one's "nose wide open") - to be mesmerized; to be in love; to be obsessed with a person
"I don't know why I'm so into Lisa, but she has my nose wide open."

out on the prowl - a romantic player or hoe in search of sex or companionship

over-zealous - to be too crunk; to make a move too fast; to be impulsive; making moves without laying a foundation or setting things up properly


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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