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A Pimp Stable For Aspiring Players - 2

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Your Life Is Unlimited...

"Qualifying Players For Your Team"
The Rat Race is a rough game. And if you want to excel in the game, you need a squad that's Qualified, Certified, and Bonafide to hustle and go hard for The Team...



With a strong Team and Entourage, a Player can advance very far in life...

All of the friends and allies in your social and business circles should be: Trustworthy, Reliable, Driven, Bold, Assertive, and Efficient.

These are the signs of good Character and the qualities of a Player.

You don't want snakes, hoodrats, and busters on your team. These people create confusion, chaos, and obstacles. They may betray you. They may be lazy. And more than likely, they'll let you down when you need them most.

Only a few of the Players on your team will be Devoted, Loyal, Faithful, and Dedicated to your dream. Usually, these people will be close associates and your sidekick. Don't expect the others to give you your full Respect. They may admire you for what you have, and they may give you your props for what you have accomplished, but there are some who will always seek "opportunities" to cheat or to join forces with another team. These are indeed disrespectful acts, but don't let them press too hard on your mind. These actions are expected. Every team has players who can't hang, need to be traded, or who need to be cut from the league. Let those poor saps go and continue on with your mission. Some see the bigger picture. Some don't.

Don't put too much trust in all members of your Entourage. Always check and double check on important matters to keep them on their toes.

Realize what rewards and benefits you can give and what your Players expect. Some will ride with you til the "end" if you are a Player with Honor, Class, and Character. They admire You just because you're You. This is a good thing and a blessing. But some Resources and Players will only support you or offer their talents and skills if you are capable of providing certain rewards and benefits to them.

The World operates on Buying and Selling, Business, and Trade, so this is also expected. But, before you give them your money, make sure they are bonafide and certified by investigation and references.

Research. Ask questions. Observe.

Take your time to get to know and understand the Players you're dealing with. Don't drop your guards too quickly. Use your Instincts and Pimp-Senses to reveal what these people may want, need, or expect from you.

How can they benefit by helping you?

Some are looking for love. Some are looking for friendship. Some want money. Some are expecting certain favors. And some just want to be a part of something Big.

Peep the Game... And, peep THEIR Game, but don't let that stop you from blowing up and bubbling up to the Top of The Game.

You WILL succeed as long as you stay focused, hustle hard, and handle your business.

Keep your wig on tight, and keep your pimphand strong, and stay aware the Game and IN control.


Honest, Reliable, Honorable, Assertive, Supportive, Organized, Driven, Confident, Bold, Optimistic, Generous

Counsellor/ Advisor/Coach:

Wise, Honorable, Supportive, Experienced, Skilled, Certified


Reliable, Certified (or has good references), Driven, Knowledgable, Aware of Industry, Efficient, Generous


Reliable, Honest (but never trust a trick), Hardworking, Generous

Lames/ Scrubs:

Ambitious but not too ambitious, Loyal, Honest, Optimistic, Generous

(talent) Hoes:

Fun and Useful - offers social or entertainment value

(cash) Hoes:

Stacked, Spent, and Invested wisely; Prepared for hard times

(assets) Hoes:

Useful and/or Pleasurable to you but not Controlling or Destructive to your peace of mind.



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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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