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"Have Faith in Yourself.
Believe in Your Game.
And you can almost always be certain of a good outcome."

Mack - an expert in pimpin' and using game; a high achiever; "The Man"; a high-ranking Player; a legendary Player

* Main-Squeeze - a partner in a romantic relationship; a spouse; a lover; one's primary lover; a boo; a wifey; a husband; a girlfriend; a boyfriend

make it rain - (1) to shower with money or "blessings"; to give freely (2) to cause excitement; to cause a stir; to "move the crowd" (3) to be perfect; to be outstanding; to shine on (4) to hit a perfect shot that causes excitement; to hit "nothing but net" (as in a long distance jump-shot in basketball); a buzzer-beater
"Many rappers love to make it rain on their fans by throwing lots of money from the stage onto the crowd."
"Last night's game was exciting. Especially when Kobe drove down the court and made it rain on his opponents with a buzzer-beater from way outside the three-point line."

make moves - to hustle; to organize, plan, and network in order to achieve certain goals; to mix and mingle in order to bring a plan to fruition;

mamasita (American version) - a woman or young lady with sex-appeal.

the man - a person with power or authority; a high-achiever; a successful person; a person with Game. (2) A compliment given to a person after achieving a goal. (3) a police officer.

masher - a sexually aggressive male or female; someone who's very bold romantically; a person who is too forward on a date; a dater who "moves fast" on the first date; a dater who puts romantic or physical pressure on his or her dating partner

mashin' and politickin' - (1) hustling and networking; handling one's business; mixing and mingling; (2) to be focused on one's goals; working hard towards the goal; non-stop hustling to achieve an agenda;

meal-ticket - (1) plan to achieve wealth and riches; (2) a person, place, thing, or idea exploited for high financial gain

meek - low in confidence and spirit;

middle-manager - a wannabe Player or Boss; a gimp; a pawn who doesn't have a clue about how to lead, manage, or supervise; a hater or oppressor who uses his or her authority to control and humiliate; a dumbass in a powerful position; a "yes" man

menace - (1) a dangerous person; a thug; a person with a bad vibe; a man or woman who stirs up strife and grief; a trouble-maker
"That idiot fool is doesn't know what the hell he's doing! He's ruining The Game! He's a menace to himself and to all of real Players who live The Good Life!"

milk - to drain, to use, to manipulate;
"He's so in love with that chick that he can't see she's only using him for his money and milking him for all he's worth."

mix and mingle - to socialize; to engage in conversation or activities with other people; to network

mojo -

monkey - a clown; a fool; a court jester
"Almost every place of employment is filled with monkeys who love to clown around and play games. And for that reason, good customer service is at an all-time low."

moocher - a person who is always begging or asking for favors; a scrub; a beggar;

M.O. (modus operandi) - what a person is known for doing; a person's "trademark";
"After he meets a girl, he'll wait at least three days before he calls. That's his M.O."

mop the floor with - to assault; to beat down or beat-up someone; to beat badly; to abuse;
"Did you see the game last night? The Cardinals mopped the floor with the Panthers. It was a total beat down."

moulah (or moolah) - money; dividends; duckies; revenue

movers and shakers - Top Players; people or businesses in power; people or businesses who are the most successful in an industry; moguls; Power-Players; executives;

mud-duck - an unattractive person; a lame girl; an "ugly" girl; boogers on a stick (mud-ducks)
"We were hoping to meet some hot chicks at the mall, but not one was in sight. The entire place was full of mud-ducks."


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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