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"Be fair to people and
only associate with people who are fair to you."

hang-time - (1) the fortitude of a Player; the length of time a Player is able to stay focused on a single goal; the length of time a Player is able to "stay on track"; stick-to-itiveness; "hanging in there"; to keep fighting; perserverance
"With her voice, I thought she would've abandoned the idea of singing a long time ago, but she hasn't given up yet! Her hang-time is off the charts!"

hank - (1) a ghost; ghoul; or goblin; (2) an unattractive person; a mud duck; a "butta-head" (3) a hoodrat

has-been - old school; out of date; out of season; worn-out; a person who has "fell-off"; to lose one's luster.
"Jack used to be our star player but too much poofin' weed and chillin' has turned him into a has-been."

haterration (or hateration) - (1) to radiate a jealous or envious vibe; to "mean-mug"; (2) to have the need to hate; to obsessed with with hate; to be filled with anger, envy, or jealousy; to have a negative vibe or to radiate negative karma towards a person, place, or thing; (3) a congregation of player-haters or gossipers who radiate negative vibes

head-games - emotional tricks; manipulation; persuasive tactics used to exploit another person; Jedi mind tricks

heartbreaker - (1) a playboy or playgirl who plays head-games in romance; a person who leads others on romantically with no intention of being in a committed relationship; a player in the game of romance; a cheater (2) a person who is desired romantically but not interested in a commitment

heavy - to have more than enough. large. to be above average. strong. to have abandance. to be powerful. to "carry weight" and influence.
"Bill Gates is a living legend who is heavy in the software game. His pockets will be heavy for a long time after raking in billions from his adventures."

hellacious - super-strong; of strong fortitude; ominous; extremely tough; revered
"She's a very rough woman with a hellacious attitude."

high class -

high maintenance - expensive; has expensive tastes and loves to spend money; expensive to date, or be in a relationship with; expensive to own.

hit me up - call me or get in contact with me.
"John left a message for Margaret to hit him up on his cell around noon."

hoe (or ho) -

ho-hopping (ho-hopper) - (1) to pursue multiple sexual partners; to chase various men or women for sex; to be a playboy or playgirl; to cheat; (2) a promiscuous person; a hoe/ho

holla' - to initiate a conversation, to communicate with, to get in touch with. also, "good-bye" or confirm that you will see someone at a later time.

holy - a person, place, thing, culture, or idea that is sacred or respected; of high esteem; revered

honey - a girl or woman; a companion, lover, or romantic partner.
"There are many fine honies on music videos wearing skimpy clothes."

honeycomb hide-out - a secondary crib used for relaxation, chillin', or romantic escapades; a place for Players to play and parlay; (2) a Player's pad or crib;

*Honor - to give someone or something high respect and distinction; to recognize a person as worthy of loyalty, kindness, and respect.

hoochie - 1. a nymphomaniac; a sexually playful girl; a sex addict; a person who likes sexual attention; a flirt 2. an immature guy or girl; 3. a groupie; a hoodrat
"I thought Irene was interested in me. Now, I find out that she's just a hoochie who's been sleeping with every guy on the block."

hoodoo - to con or trick; to flex
"I should've brought my Dad with me to purchase my first car. That used car salesman hoodooed me."

hoodrat -

hook (or "to have on the hook") - to lure; to attract; to bait; to seduce

hook-up - (1) to give or provide something that is exclusive; to get a deal on an item or service; to provide something in secret; (2) to provide a service or product (3) a freebie; an exclusive item
"I went to the dealership to trade in my old car and they hooked me up with a new ride."
"I went to McDonald's for a burger, but since I was their 10,000th customer, they hooked me up with a free combo!"

hooligan -

hops - speed; to be fast (in reference to whips); souped-up; to have serious speed and power
"A Mustang is fast, but a Farrari has some serious hops."

hot - very attractive or eye-catching. to stand out in appearance. a person, place, or thing, that is above average.

hump-day - the "middle of the week" for people who have jobs. Wedensday.

hustle - (1) to work hard; to use game to increase personal or business status; to "make moves"; (2) a game or industry; an activity
"If I'm gonna be a millionaire by next Friday, I need to hustle."
"Rapping is good hustle if you can rhyme and have good business sense."

hustler -

hype-man - (1) a man or woman who boosts the vibe in a person, place, thing, idea, or situation; a person whose primary job is to "move" a crowd; (2) a person who possesses mega-energy and charisma; a man or woman who is flamboyant in speech and body language; a Chief Rocker; see... Flavor Flaaaaaaaaav!!!!!! Yeaaaaaah, Booooooy!!!!!! (3) a promoter or spokesperson for a company, clique, or group; one who promotes a product, service, or idea;


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