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cancel - to write-off, to separate ties, to stop dating.
"If Mark cheats on me again, I'm gonna cancel his ass."

cancer -

candy-paint - a flawless paint; an exquisite paint job on cars or on a woman's nails; glossy paint
"The toe-ring was exquisite but I was really mesmerized by her pretty feet candy-painted toenails."

can't see me - to be untouchable; to be on a higher level; to be the best; to think of one's self as top-notch;
"Do they know who I am??? I'm the best at this... I'm the number one Executive Assistant in this joint. Those other little scrub secretaries can't see me."

CappaDonna (or CappaDon) - The Ultimate Hustler; a "Ride or Die" Don; a man of Supreme Game; an expert in the ways of Hustlin'; a Master of Accumulation; a mercenary hustler; a True Player who lives and thrives by way of Hustlin and the art of Negotiation; a Big Wheel; the highest level of Game Status

CappaDonnas (or CappaDonna) - a "Ride or Die" Chick; the Ultimate Female Hustler; a crafty female hustler; a woman with Supreme Game; a female expert in the ways of Hustlin'; a Master of Accumulation; a mercenary hustler; a True Player who lives and thrives by way of Hustlin'; a Big Wheel; the highest level of Game Status

capricorn -

cat - (1) a female; of woman; a reference to female sexual organs (3) a male; a fellow; a dude; a guy
"There was so much cat up in that club, you'd have to be a lame and leave without getting one of those girls' phone number."
"Those guys are some real cool cats."

cell (or celly) - cellphone.

champagne - the number one choice drink of Ballers, Pimps, Hustlers, and Players.

champion - a successful Player in The Game; a winner; a boss; a confident no-nonsense Player; a go-getter

charge to The Game - (1) to accept a loss and move on; to cut one's losses; (2) a rule of the G-Code (*Many men - especially mercenary thugs and CappaDonnas don't apply this rule because they would rather prove a point to show how vicious and dangerous they are, but sometimes it's best to let a moocher, busta, hater, or trick slide rather than risk your freedom, reputation, or potential prosperity.)

charismatic - full of enthusiasm and passion.

*Cheat - to deceive, lie, hide, or trick.

cheater - a person who breaks rules or takes short-cuts; a person who dishonest; a deceiver, a con-artist, charlatan, a playboy, a playgirl

cheddar (or chedda) - money; a.k.a. benjamins, blood, bread, butter, cash, cheese, dividends, dollars, duckies, loot, moula
"If you don't want to miss out on the fun then keep your pockets full of cheddar."

chicken-head - a female scrub. a clucker. a loser.

chill (or chillin') - to relax. to keep still. to be calm and cool.

choke - to make errors or bad decisions due to nervousness or confusion; to come-up short

chop-it-up - (1) talk, converse, or conversate; to discuss business; to negotiate; to chill (2) to have a romantic interlude; to have sex

chump - a gullible person, a scrub, a loser.

chunk, smothered, and covered - to to keep a person from completing a certain action; to dominate; to subdue; to hold down; to conquer.
"Kobe couldn't score his usual 50 points last night because the opposing team had him chunk, covered, and smothered."

claim - to mark something as being owned. to announce ownership of. to take charge of.

claim-jumper - a male who claims another man's baby to be his own or male who stakes claim on another man's baby; a backstabber who seduces another person's lover, minion, spouse, or pansy
"That claim-jumper stole my girl and signed his name as the father on my baby's birth certificate! How many times does Maury have to tell him he ain't the father?!?"

classic - old but popular. timeless.

clique - a group of people with common interests or goals. a group of friends. buddies.

clown - a foolish person; a jackass. a person who doesn't take their future (or Life) seriously.

club-banger - hot dance music, a popular song that is played in a club. A classic "bounce" song, crunk music, or booty music.
"Luke and Lil' John have put out a lot of club-bangers for people who love to dance and party."

come-up - to rise in social and financial status.

command center - headquarters; a crib; home. any place that allows for chilling, planning, bathing, or changing clothes.

compatible - to have chemistry and a good vibe with; to be in agreement; to "be on the same page"; to be a benefit to another person

conversate - usually romantic conversation between two people, talking or communicating between two or more people; to converse, to talk to; to chill and converse with

cool - suave; stylish; sophisticated; nice. (2) to agree; to acknowledge; to accept.
"He's cool." ("He's suave." or "He has style.")

*Companionship - 1. a close friendship or romantic relationship; togetherness. 2. display or sharing of affections.

crack (or to crack on) - (1) to approach; to proposition; to flirt with (2) to entice or to seduce mentally (3) to make fun of; to clown another person; to crack a joke
"Yesterday at the bus stop, I saw the finest woman I had ever seen in my life. I didn't want to risk letting her get away so I had to crack on her before another guy tried to move in and holla at her."
"I can't stand a hater or a clown who tries to make himself look good by crackin' on other people. That's some sucker-ass sh*t, for real."

cream - money, valuables.

crib - home; headquarters; a house;

crooked deal -

crown jewel - a person, place, thing, or idea that is the exception or exclusive; the hottest; the best out of many; the top of the line;

crown royal - a belt, ring, crown, title, or anything that recognizes a person, place, or thing as the best of the best; a symbol of top-rank or high achievement in a certain industry

cruise control - to take things slow; to chill; to be on "auto-pilot"; taking it easy

crunk - excited, hyper, ready to party, ready to take on a challenge.
"I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I tried to get crunk early so that I would be ready for it."

crush - to beat the competition badly. to stand-out from the average or the norm. flambouyant.
"I can't wait until I go to the club tonight. I bought this outfit at the mall that's so hot, I'll be crushin' all of those lames at the club tonight."

crusty-butt - a dirty person. a person with poor hygiene. (2) a hoe; a nymphomaniac; a sex-addict. (3) a hoodrat, a loser.

cut-off - to end services, benefits, or supplies; to quit providing
"Everyday I see that bum he begs me for a cigarette. After today, I'm gonna put a stop to it. No more! I'm cutting him off."


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