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"Focus on The Big Picture. Think Longevity. Think Long-Term Benefits. Don't pick-up the mentality of hoodrats and scrubs."

sacrifice - to compromise or to give up something for a greater good or for the benefit of something else. to put one thing on hold in order to receive a better benefit from (or for) something else.

sagitarius -

sales pitch - conversation or presentation to persuade another person to agree to an idea or to engage in some sort of action.

scar - to hurt someone's feelings, to wound emotionally, to embarrass, to humiliate, to make someone feel inferior or self-conscious.

Scarface - Tony Montana: The King of Miami who's confidence and heart of a tiger is the epitome of a hardworking Hustler. For many, Scarface's rise to power is the "Standard" and represents The Dream of The Good Life and The True Player's Lifestyle.

seductress - a woman who has great persuasive powers; a siren; a female Player; a Diva
"Our good friend was mesmerized by seductress who stole him away from us and sadly made a husband of him."

sell - to persuade to accept, agree, or buy.

sell-off - massive selling. selling in bulk at a discount. high-powered selling strategy.

set - one's territory; real estate; "stomping grounds"; a place or area frequented by a certain group, tribe, or clique.

sex-addict - a hoe. a "player". a person addicted to sex or one who desperately pursues others for sex. a pervert.

sex-appeal - to stir desire in others, to mesmerize, to be worthy of a fantasy, to represent "sex". a person or thing that makes people think of sex. having an almost perfect style or appearance or single attribute that causes others to think of sex, passion, and beauty.

sewed-up - to be in control. to be in power. President.
"I have the pimp-industry sewed-up. I'm runnin' the show from coast to coast and north to south."

scrub - a person with no drive or ambition; a lame. a broke person who isn't trying to improve his or quality of life. a hoodrat.

sheep - people who don't think for themselves; followers.

sh*t (or da'shit) - (1) a person, place, thing, idea, or situation that is hot, accepted, or popular; (2) a person, place, thing, idea, or situation, that is worthless; no good; trash; "mess"; (3) a thing that is unacceptable or disagreeable; offensive; (4) foolishness; absurdity; ridiculousness; a person, place, thing, idea, or situation that reeks of stupidy
"I sent him to the store to buy me a new pimp-hat and he came back with a sun-visor! Now, what kind of sh*t is that??"
"I love the movie 'Barbarians At The Gate'. That's da'sh*t."

shopping - looking with the intention of buying or making a deal; searching for a benefit. searching for a mate or lover.

shopping spree - collecting benefits.

short-change - to cheat someone. to only pay or give a portion of what is actually needed or due. cheap. stingyness.

show some love - to recognize. to show appreciation. to give dap to. to give a shout-out to.

shorts (or "come-up short") - to lose, to receive left-overs. to get pimped or played. to be on the losing end of a situation.

shout-out - to recognize. to thank for support or friendship. to show some love to.

showgirl - (1) woman who is all about her looks; a conceited woman; a woman who uses her beauty, sexuality, and/or sex-appeal to impress others (2) a trophy wife; a sexy woman; a girl or woman used as an "accessory" to make her date or lover look good; a "flavor of the month"

shuckin' and jivin' - loitering. to make small-talk. to goof-off. to make jokes. bull-shittin'.

simp - a fake Player or Pimp. A wannabee-pimp. A simple-minded person who calls himself (or herself) a pimp but in reality this person is not pimpin' at all. All of his or her tactics of pimpin' are so lame that he or she is not progressing or reaching any goals. A pretender. A dreamer of "The True Player's Lifestyle".

sista (or sister) - a female. a close female friend. An Aspiring Diva.

six degrees of separation - the idea that everyone in the World can be linked through six similar friends and aquaintances.

skeezer - a cheap thrill. an unattractive guy or girl. a hoe.

sleezy - salacious, dirty, nasty, filthy.

slick - clever, deceptive, cunning; street-wize; sneaky.
"That dude thinks he's a pimp, but he ain't slick - I'm watching his every move."

slide-in - to move into position; to place a person, thing, or idea into a position, spot, or area; to be accepted into a position, group, company, or clique; to lace or insert

slim - common nickname for a thin or slender person.

slipping - to unaware of your surroundings or current events. to fall-off.

sly - (1) sneaky; slick; cunning; shrewd; (2) a common nickname for anyone named Sylvester or anyone that has good game; a pimp nickname;

smooth - charming, tactful, flattering, graceful, elegant, stylish.

smooth operator - a person with charm. a flatterer. a person with grace and style.

snobby (of snob)- (1) to be arrogant; uppity; to think of one's self as better than others due to social, financial, or material status; (2) to act jazzy or rude

social club - a group that discusses common interests.

socialize - to network, mix and mingle. to holla. to make yourself known in a crowd.

social status - the level of your fame, resources, and allies.

soothe - to ease frustration, fear, or worry. to instill confidence through persuasive techniques.

(to have) soul - to be expressive; to let your creativity and mind flow; to radiate a good vibe; to be "in tune" with your subconscious mind and/or spirit;

soup - short for "super". extra. a boost. to charm a person - to boost a person's ego.
"She told him all of those things to soup his head up. Now, he really believes he's some sort of god or something."
"That Cadillac is fast. I think it's been souped up."

spectacle - (1) to put on a grand display; to show-off; to make known; to put on a grand performance; to do or say something outlandish; to cause a stir among a crowd (2) an audacious display; a person, place, or thing that stands out; a thing that is "stankin" hot (3) to make an "ass" or "spectacle" of one's self;
"That fool knew he shouldn't have went over that girl's house with those highwater-bell-bottoms on. Now that he's done made a spectacle of himself, she'll never talk to him again."

spit - to speak persuasively; to be glib or cunning in speech and/or conversation;
"I only wanted one box of girl scout cookies, but after she got through spittin' her game, I found myself walking away with almost a whole truckload of those peanut butter flavored joints."

spotlight - attention; to have the attention of a crowd.
"There will be many Players at The Ball tonight, but the spotlight will be focused on King James, the defender of the title and Crown."

spunk - confidence, outspoken, tough, tom-boy, outgoing, courageous, fearless.

stallion - a bodacious woman; an amazon; to be bootylicious; a woman with an athletic body; thick; robust

stand-off -

stang (stung) - (1) to cheat; to "pull one over on" or to "get over on"; to hoodoo; to con; to manipulate; (2) to conquer; to subdue; to seduce;

stank (or to look stank) - (1) to look "a hot mess"; to be in disarray; a person, place, or thing that looks filthy AND sloppy

stankin - (1) to stand out; audaciousness; to create a spectacle (2) hot; great; "clean"; boss-hogg (3) to look "a hot mess"; to be in disarray; a person, place, or thing that looks filthy AND sloppy; nasty-looking; obscene
"Man, have you seen Laura's old whip? Damn. She's done had it chromed-out to the max and polished to perfection. I ain't lyin'. Yesterday, she cleaned that car up and had that thing stankin!"

stash - treasure, trinkets, cash, or a hiding place for treasure or important goods.

steelo (or "style and looks")- (1) "personal style" or taste; personal qualities; a Player's Game and persona; M.O.; Character and personality; (2) Sex-appeal; appearance; looks; beauty; cuteness; (3) Level of Game

straight - agreeable, in agreement, okay, cool, good.
"I like Denise because she's a good friend. She's straight."

street-legal - a person 18 or over; a person who is responsible for him or herself; a person who is able to make his or her own decisions; one who is old enough to engage in a contract or agreement; an adult.

strong - rugged, determined to survive.

stunt - to put on display; to pimp; to make known; to be flambouyant; to cause a stir; showmanship; attempt to impress

sucka-free - free from manipulation or control. Unable to be manipulated or controlled. A True Player.

sucker - a person who is easily fooled or tricked. One who can be easily manipulated.

sugar-coat - to make acceptable; conservative; watered-down; mainstream; to erase of vulgarity; to bleep-out

swagger - moxie. a Player's Game. A thing that gives personal confidence and power. pimp-walk.

swank - super-stylish and ultra-comfortable; exquisite; super-smooth and suave' 1920s - 1940s. See Fred Astaire.

sweat - to worry over or to aggravate. to pester.
"I come to work on time and do my job - yet that jack-ass supervisor is always standing over my shoulder and sweatin' me."

swig - a quick guzzle; a little more than a sip; to take a quick drink;
"Man, that Jack Daniel's sure looks tasty. How 'bout lettin' me have a swig."


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