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"Never trust a trick."

tele (or telly) - usually referring to a hotel; motel. telephone.

t.e.m.m. -

tenderoni - a young lady or woman who looks young for her age. a nice/kind woman. A romantic slang term made popular by the R + B singer, Bobby Brown.
"Every week I go to clubs in search of sweet tenderoni but I keep meeting hoodrats and bad girls."

test - to challenge. (2) to investigate

thug - a mugger, a robber; a violent thief.

thug chick - a rowdy girl; a loud woman; a violent woman. a female who is "bout it" or "down for whatever". a thief, a robber.
"Many people believe that Bonnie of the duo, "Bonnie and Clyde", was the ultimate thug chick."

thuggin' - (1) living a criminal lifestyle; to survive by any means necessary except by begging; to live a mercenary lifestyle; to lie, cheat, and steal; (2) to live in "The Fast Lane"; to be "in the mix" of the "thug lifestyle"
"Thuggin' is a lifestyle that never lasts long. The True Players get out early. The rest end up dead, in jail, on drugs, or old men who hang-out at convenience stores."

throw-back - anything that is a year or more older. (2) classic. (3) out-dated; old.
"I hope he doesn't think he's pimpin' with that old, raggedy, throw-back Cadillac."

throw it up - (1)o acknowledge by holding up the "peace sign"; to acknowledge or give a shout-out to a person, place, or group; to hold up a sign or symbol in representation of your origin or affiliation (2) to "represent" a person; place; or group; to be "in the house" for a person, place, or group
"Yeah, I wanna give a super-strong shout-out to my Grandma and throw it up for my hometown. I'm representin' all of N.C."

tight - to be in agreement; to accept; to acknowledge; to be "cool" with; (2) a thing that is exceptional; hot; immaculate; nice; sweet; awesome
"She asked me if I wanted to spend some Quality Time with her and I said, 'that's tight'. Somehow, she tricked me, and we ended up at a flea market eighty miles away. That wasn't nice and I wish I had never agreed to go."

to the green - (1) to have positive cash flow; to be winning or accumulating money; (2) good money; profit
"You know I'm a Pimp. I went to vegas with only $500 bucks, hit the blackjack tables, and bounced with two grand in my hand. So, I'm sayin', I came out fifteen hunnud to the green. You feel what I'm sayin'?

toast - to give praise; to recite a poem of praise; to tell a story with a poem.

top notch - excellent; the best; first class.

tore-up from the floor up - ugly, destroyed, "a hot mess", in disarray.

tranquility - coolness, calmness, peace, and quiet relaxation. to be free from pollution that invades the senses and one's personal space.

trick -

tricked-out - pimped. upgraded; to improve the performance or appearance of something; to make a thing stand out.

trifling - small-time; plain; dull; simple-minded; reference to silly or ignorant behavior; also refusing to do one's job or to handle one's responsibility.

trill (trill ville)- outlandish, nutty, crazy, in the zone, crunk

trinkets - small treasures; jewels; keepsakes; memorabilia; bling; fashion accessories.

trip - to get excited about something. (2) to worry about something. (3) to act strange or in a peculiar way.

trooper - a rugged person. A person with stamina or determination.

trust - to have faith in a person, place, or thing.

turn-out - (1) to cause a great stir in emotions; (2) to excite a person to perform a certain action; to influence person to a certain way of thinking or acting; to brainwash; to convince; to manipulate a person's mind; to have a person turned-out; (3) to "move" a crowd emotionally; to make a place jump with excitement - especially at a concert;

tele (or telly) - usually referring to a hotel; motel. telephone.

twenties - twenty-inch wheels; a female with a voluptuous or bodacious booty.
"My friends told me Anna was thick and bootylicious, but I had no idea she was sittin' on twenties!"

twinkies - chrome wheels.


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