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"You don't have to respect the Players, but you should Always Respect The Game."

rambunctious - out of control; unruly; irrational; inconsiderate
"Those rambunctious hoodrats tear up every damn thing they get their hands on."

raw - vulgar; abrasive; primitive; ghetto; no class; (2) original; the first (3) hot; superb; bad-ass; boss-hogg; the best; top-notch

raw and uncut - a thing that is unedited; explicit; a place, thing, idea, or situation that unsuitable for all ages;

read rights - (1) to put someone in their place; to "correct" a person; (2) to establish rules and boundaries; to let others know where you stand
"I can't believe that jerk drunk-up all of my damn Kool-Aid. I'm about to go in here and read this sucka' his rights, so he'll know next time that I don't play that..."

refined - cool, calm, and collected; laid back; stylish; smooth; simple but classy; elegant.

reliable - loyal; dependable; available; useful; a benefit
"Players should always have reliable allies and adversaries on their team."

represent - to be a symbol or spokesperson for a person, place, thing, or idea. to display your love for a person, place, thing, or idea through showmanship, advertising, or actions.

residual income - a steady stream of cash flowing in from a reliable source whether the recipient works or not (i.e. - annual, monthly, or weekly payments from a lottery, court settlement, or business)

resume - a Player's credentials, accomplishments, history, and reputation as known by his family, friends, sources, and acquaintances; a Player's "face value"

riches - any type of gains or asset - emotional gains, physical gains, financial gains, material gains, friendships, resources, knowledge, experiences, etc.

ride - (1) a car, a whip, or form of transportation; (2) to accept; to let slide; to let go of (3) to take a great risk; to bet all of one's possessions - especially valuables - in hopes of a reward, gain, or profit
"Jay Trotter is a compulsive gambler in the movie called, "Let It Ride", who kept risking all of his money betting on horses and mysteriously kept winning."
"I'm not worried about what a hater has to say. Let that foolishness ride and let's stay focused on our goal. We got this."

ride-out - to leave; to bounce; to "burn the road up"; to "kick rocks"
"I'll holla at you guys later. My girl is waiting, so I'm about to ride-out before it gets too late."

roast - to make fun of; to humiliate, to continuously make jokes about another person; to kid or poke fun at in length; to embarrass

road dog (or roadie) - a close friend; a companion; a buddy; a homeboy or homegirl; a "partner in crime"

rock - to wear; to show-off or put on display. (2) to manipulate; exploit
"Many rappers rap but only a few can move the crowd and rock the mike."

rocks - diamonds especially; other gems: rubies, sapphires, etc.

rogue - a solo artist in The Game but one who ignores the rules of game; a renegade; a person with undeveloped Game; a man or woman with primitive skills and ideas

rolling - making moves; wheeling and dealing; parlaying; blowing up; improving in financial and social status

*Romantic Relationship - emotional and/or physical relationship based on the promise of devotion, admiration, love, and/or affection; affectionate companionship between two or more people; an intimate relationship.

royale (of royal) - (1) a jazzy way of saying "royal"; (2) extra royal; super-royal; (3) hot and exclusive; hot and rare; hot and one of a kind;

rugged - strong; sturdy; tough robust; to be un-moved; to have endurance; to be able to withstand pressure and obstacles
"Men love a woman who has class and style, but they don't like wimps. A woman who's rugged will win a guy's heart every time."

rule - to dominate, to run-over, to be the boss. (2) a philosophy or law for a system or organization - ex. "the pimp rules".


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