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Feeling Hopeless

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"If You Want To Enjoy The Good Life, It Takes Guts."

An up-and-coming player questions negative feelings that are trying to subdue him and take over his life. An Aspiring Player offers some good game and opinion.

"I feel hopeless with my life."


Your Life is not hopeless.
Life is hard without a doubt, but you have to get out and explore. Try something new. Stop doing the same old things and sitting around alone. These things don't bring you Joy or open up new opportunities. They only keep your life full of confusion, disappointment, and dispair. As long as you take care of your mind and body, you have plenty of time to discover what you want out of life, enjoy it, and meet the love of your life.

Change your game up. Approach life differently. Research. You never know what you're good at or interested in if you don't make moves and explore the world and make use of opportunities.
Depression can break you down but you have the power to destroy it and move on with your life if you train yourself (and your mind) to fight it.

Don't let depression kick your butt. Man-up and fight back!
It's okay to cry but don't wimp-out. Don't lay down and submit. Look at your talents. Consider your interests and hobbies. Whatever it is you don't know but would like to learn get on your computer and study it. Get out of the house and try something new. Volunteer and Socialize. Seek and ye shall find. Go on Youtube and research new ideas. Who knows, you may come up with great ideas to make your own videos that could help others - and who knows where that may lead...

And don't forget to eat right AND to get some fresh air daily. That helps your mind, mood, vibe, and attitude too.
But the real key is realizing how much Time you really have. Don't cut yourself short or play yourself out because you feel you don't have enough Life left. Life isn't over at 30 or 40 or 50 or 60. You can still have fun, travel, create, help others, make money, and live The Good Life as long as you keep your mind and body healthy AND in sync.  A lot of people are living longer and healthier nowdays. Look at all of these O.G.s in The Game still kickin' - playin' and parlayin' and enjoying Life and ballin' out of control. Some of them are old as dirt - but they love Life. Most of the ones who are falling by the wayside are the ones who are abusing their bodies. So, why are you giving up so easily when you have plenty of time to mix, mingle, and enjoy Life?
Just keep your priorities in check.
Keep your head up and your mind right and focus on loving your Life and the good people that are in it.
Be fair to yourself, network, and help others. Remember: Karma is always in the works so you will be blessed one way or the other. Just keep making moves and exploring the world around you and you'll come out all right.

"Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Soul..."

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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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