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I Hate My Life

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"When you're not sure of who you are, what you want, 
or what you really want to be in Life,
that is your cue to open your eyes, make moves, and Explore."

A Young Diva is living a miserable life and is ready to give up... An Aspiring Player answers the call.

i want to commit suicide so bad!!!?

im 15 and i live in hell or home what ever it brother is a spoiled brat he is only 11 years old but he has bad anger dad only loves my older sister who 30 and my bro. Tonight i figure out that my mom passed dad told me that she wanted a boy...and my older sister was laughing at me . My sister even told me that my mom nevered loved me and she always hated me ..the whole family hates dad never listens to just an idk what to do anymore . all my life ..ive wasted.

You may think you have wasted your whole life but think about the people who are in their 80s and 90s... You have a LONG ways to go. But, I feel you. This is nothing to take lightly. I hate living with jerks myself. I've done it and it can break your spirit and ruin you for life if you let it.

Who knows why you were "placed" in this position. It may be a test. It may be a trial in your life to help make you stronger as a person. Who knows. A lot of great people including Oprah have went through rough times, but the trials in their lives have made them "fighters". It has made her one of the most grand Divas to ever have lived and it may do the same for you. Think about some of the celebrities especially Divas who have lived on the streets and starved before becoming famous. Dr. Phil used to sleep in his car. Tyler Perry was poor and struggling to survive. MoNique suffered sexual abuse from a family member. Many other celebrities and successful people were homeless before they found their "Calling In Life". So consider this to be a test.

You may be going through this now so that when you grow up you will be able to help other young girls in the future who will be suffering. You will be able to help them because you will know what to tell them to survive and conquer THEIR DEPRESSION and sadness. But the only way you can do it is to be there. And you can't be there if you give up and let those worthless rogues conquer your spirit and rob you of your glory. Hang in there. Learn more about what you're going through. Write about it. Fight it and help others fight it. Be a survivor and not a quitter.

Much love and I wish you the best. For Real.

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