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Things That Cause Depression

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"Be Brave and Stand Tall. With good game you shall slay The Dragon and defeat The Lions!"

Things That Can Cause Depression


Get Crunk For The "Pep-Talk"!

And Remember:

Life is TOO SHORT to live with FEAR AND/OR REGRETS. Don't let Depression Defeat You! Make Moves and Strive to Enjoy Your Life!

You've Only Got ONE.


Life can be a very difficult Game and a struggle because of the many rules,
lessons, constant pursuit of knowledge and advancement, and because of constant changes.

Yea, fear of the unknown, lack of experience, confusion, and uncertainty, can make you cringe or turn your back on your responsibilities and duties. But you must have the courage and will-power to take Action, face the challenges, and press onward!

Your life is like a stock (or a business), and you must take Action and invest in yourself AND your life if you expect to get anything out of it. You can't just put it on "auto-pilot" and expect for miracles to happen or for your obstacles and challenges to go away. You have to take a stand and make the necessary moves to keep your life running smoothly, to stay on track, or to receive good BENEFITS.

And you must "invest" (or Take Action) for the long-term to reap great rewards. Success may not come overnight. You may have to work harder and/or take risks.

But EVERYTHING in life has a risk! You will always stand a chance of losing, failing, being terminated, humiliated, or getting hurt (emotionally or physically) no matter what you do or where you go. And you will always be afraid of standing up for yourself and of moving ahead with your life if you constantly focus on the "negatives" or danger. As long as it's honest living, and you have considered your ACTIONS and OPTIONS carefully, take a chance sometimes. (Just be wise, and use good judgment.)

Weigh the risks versus the rewards. Plan your course and adapt or make adjustments as necessary. Try to be fair and do what's right for yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions or to be assertive and demand what you want or need. Don't fear rejection, and don't be afraid to reject what you don't want, need, or agree with. We all have our preferences.

And as long as you give 1000% and do the best you can do at all times, what more can you demand of yourself? For what reason should you be afraid, worried, or ashamed?

Don't dwell on your mistakes. Learn from them, and if you can, correct them. If you can't, then KEEP IT MOVIN' and DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. That's all you can do. You can't keep living in the past or living off of HOPE. HOPE won't always fall in your lap on time. You have to take a stand, take action, and make moves. It's for the benefit of YOUR LIFE.

There will always be consequences or results from our actions, so there is no point in running away from the challenge. Stand tall and be bold. Focus on doing the right things to improve your life and to acquire happiness. Avoid negative vibes and situations that ruin your good feeling and mood. You don't need any baggage or animosity bringing you down.
You don't need people disrespecting you.

Don't entertain negative comments. If family and friends make you feel uncomfortable with yourself, then you have given them power and dominion over you, and you will be unhappy with your life. The only way you can get that power back is to change your Attitude. Stand Tall and Stay Focused on The Big Picture - your goals and dreams and the benefits of your actions. There will always be people who like to criticize and express their opinion about what you should do with your life. Some of them player-hate. Some of them are just brutally honest, and their advice may not please you. But it's only THEIR OPINION, and you can accept it or ignore it. It's up to you.
But please, don't be stubborn. If they are true friends, listen carefully. They may be trying to help you. You don't always have to follow their advice (unless they're your guardian or an authority figure), so try not to let their comments irritate you or throw your off track. Suck it up and weigh your options carefully. Then make the decision you feel is best for you. Don't waste your time and energy getting pissed off at people who are negative or given to buffoonery and negative criticism. They're clowns and idiots with no class. Don't stoop to their level. Keep kickin'... and Making Moves.

Realize also that life isn't perfect and that people won't always agree with you, or your actions, or your ideas. You won't agree with theirs either. You can't live their life and they can't live yours, so why hang on their every word?

Furthermore, it's not always wise to fight fire with fire! Don't make rash decisions with your life based on anger or stubbornness. Sometimes you have to walk away, or use a little tenderness and tact! Sometimes, you have to take a closer look at the situation and evaluate it from a different perspective to make sure your choices are wise. Every situation doesn't require a lot of deep thought, but consider your options, knowledge, and EXPERIENCE on those that do. Don't make rash decisions or take unnecessary risks. That's the worse thing to do.

NEVER cheat yourself out of enjoying life! Have the courage to be who you want to be! As long as you are fair, not harming others, and not in violation of the "rules", then live the life you want and be happy! It's better than spending the rest of your days in loneliness and misery.

And it's better than waiting until you've gotten near the end of your life to regret NOT DOING the things you wish you would've done.

You might not always know what you want and need - or what's best for you at the time, but you won't ever know if you don't try.

You may already understand the Consequences of you actions, and that's a good thing. You don't wanna rush.

Just take your time and be cool and calm so that you don't make crucial decisions on impulse. Don't assume (or jump to conclusions). Weigh the risks versus the rewards. Evaluate the situation. Research and ask questions. Then, consider your options and use good judgement based on your knowledge and experience. As you strive to deal with any issues put before you - and not run from them or ignore them - your Game will improve because of your experiences and acquired wisdom.

And the stronger your Game is, the better you will be able to deal with Depression and things that cause Depression.

The Key Is To Take Action!

Get out, get in The Game, and Make Moves!

Don't let the Fear of Taking Action or Depression defeat You!

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