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Fight Depression!

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"When you got a monkey on your back,
you gotta fight like HELL to get him off!"

Depression has claimed lives, ruined relationships, and destroyed the hopes and dreams of many Players and non-players in this Supreme Cosmic Game we call Life. It's more ruthless than Time! It's more vicious than Death! And more destructive than any kind of Addiction!

And worst of all, many "young players" suffer from depression but don't like to talk about it so it moves "below the radar" and is virtually invisible! You can observe a man and he may seem happy and sociable on the outside like everything in his life is fine. But he may be extremely depressed and damn near the edge of Death on the inside...

Depression is rough as Hell on a "young player"... It causes a lot of misunderstandings, anger, hate, alienation, low self- esteem, procrastination, loneliness, confusion, fear, worry - all types of negative sh*t.

It's a 400 pound gorilla leaning on you and draggin' you to the ground! And with all that weight and pressure on your mind and spirit, it's hard as hell to be productive, romantic, to socialize, or to just sit back, relax, and chill. But some how, some kind of way, you gotta get that bad boy off of your back! And you can't do it by laying down and giving up! You have to find a way to grab that joker by the arm and slam him to the ground! You have to use all of your resources and inner strength to battle him off! You have to acquire Game!

Depression is like any other foe. It challenges you. It competes against all of your talents, your determination, and physical strength. It plays mind-games and tricks on your perception - not to mention the perception that others have of you. It makes you mad and it can make you cry like a baby. It's the Devil!
Friends, family, and acquaintances might think you're being a jerk because they don't understand, but really you're trying to deal with all of these problems and stress that's on your mind! They don't see it or understand it because they're not walking in your shoes! They don't have a clue as to what's going on in your life because they're on the outside looking in. Many people forget that we are not all the same and that we all can't or don't know how to deal with common problems the same way. We are all different in how we deal with the "Issues Of Life".

Sometimes you might feel like your closest friends or a family member is selfish and not regarding or respecting your feelings or "personal space" but the truth is, many of them have probably only had a small taste of it (a disappointing moment, embarrassment, home-sick, etc.). They haven't seen depression when it's like a dark cloud inside of you.
When it robs you of hope or faith. Or, depression when it's got you paranoid or when it's on you so heavy that you feel lazy or bored all the time.

So, you can't always depend on friends, positive affirmations, or drugs to help you fight it. Sometimes you have to be creative and search for other ways to get that monkey off your back! You have to DIG DEEP and use some Game! Depression is on another level! Therefore, you have to step your Game up to another level to fight it!
How can you use your depression for good? Look inside of yourself: what is depression doing to you? When did you first become depressed? Learn it. Study it. Become an expert at it. What are the
things that make you depressed? Why do they depress you? Etc. If you learn how and why you're feeling depressed, then you can improve on how you deal with it. You can help others that may be trying to deal with it.
Pay attention to it and study it. Then seek out and find people that need help conquering their depression and help them. When they see that you have already been through what they're going through, and that you know what you're talking about, they will listen to you and praise you for your help, wisdom, and guidance. In the end, you will be teaching them and they will help others and good karma shall be returned to you.
You will begin to see why YOU feel the way you do AND discover what you really want out of life. You will learn more about yourself. You might discover that only time and patience stand in the way your happiness. It could be that you need to settle down and focus on one thing in your life - or, be a little more assertive. Whatever happens, you should  know how to cope with depression a little bit better than you had before.
This is one of our main purposes in life: to bless others with the experience, knowledge, and wisdom, that we have acquired throughout life. It's the duty of all True Dons and Divas. We were all meant to be Saints and Prophets...

But, be wise young dons and divas. Be ready to Listen before you are ready to give advice. Enjoy Life and teach when the time is right.


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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