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Grief Over The Loss Of A Loved One

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"The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart:
and merciful men are taken away, none considering that

There IS no way to "get over" the loss of a loved one. The memories of them and those final moments may play over and over again in your mind from time to time. The only thing you can do is to try to deal with those "flash-backs" as best you can.

It's a different kind of Sadness that affects each of us in different ways - depending how we regarded that person or "knew" that person.

Some of us have to fight the thought that we could've prevented the "event" from happening, or what we SHOULD'VE done (or said) that would've brought about a different outcome. People don't really understand how that "guilt" can wear on your mind - feeling like you did something wrong or didn't do enough. It's a hellified battle...

So, no one may truly understand how you feel at the time - and most of the time, those feelings and emotions can't be explained because it's a "mix" of disappointment, emptiness, confusion, helplessness, broken hopes and dreams, unfulfilled plans, deprivation of something you loved or cared about, just all types of questions and things that escape the understanding of anyone not walking in your shoes.

It may piss you off when you hear them say "it was fate" or that "it was just their Time to go", but no one knows. And most of those people who tell you to "pick yourself up" or to "move on", will never understand. And you may know all of the circumstances better than they do. But what's done is done, and you have to deal with the outcome as best you can. We have no power to control Time or to change the Past. Let us live our lives the best way we know how.

Some people can pick themselves up and move on while others are so deeply touched, that they are overwhelmed by sadness and grief. It's hard for them to move on with their lives. It's understandable. All of the hopes and dreams, and the bond that once was, is gone. They may feel a sense of helplessness because of the traumatizing experience.

No one knows what the person is truly feeling or going through. And all of the sympathy and "pep-talk" in the world may have no uplifting effects or give you any type clarity as to why this "event" happened to you and to your Friend.

Many people would suggest that "All things happen for a reason". And this may be true, but it does little to ease the pain, because we still don't (and may never) fully understand "the reason". And even when we do, that don't always make things better. But, we have to deal with the pain as best we can. We have no choice.

Death is evident. There is no way around It at this time. But we must not let it conquer our Spirits and turn us away from our lives, the living, and our loved ones who are still here. They need us too. 

Often, we get so self-involved in grief that we don't realize how much it hurts our closest family members and friends that they can't help us. So, we must be careful also not to completely transfer the pain and suffering that we feel to someone else's life. Someone who may not be strong enough - emotionally or mentally - to deal with it for a long period of time.

It hurts everyone because, again, they don't really know how you feel. They only want you to get better. And it's hard for you to move on until you find the Understanding and Wisdom you need to "Close" this tragic episode in your life. But... you may never find it. With Death, maybe "Time" IS the only cure for a sad heart. Who knows?

You can't let it stop you from moving forward! You can't let it have you grieving your life away!

Imagine yourself "passing" and crossing over into The Great Unknown...

What would you want your family and loved ones to do concerning your Death? Would you want them to give up their lives and spend the rest of their days grieving? No. Therefore, consider what you would ask them to do and do it. Don't ignore the love you feel or the pain, but live your life.

Life is full of tragedies. And there will be a lot of more pain and suffering. Our friends and loved ones will come and go. But still, we don't know what's on "The Other Side". The only thing we are certain of is that we are striving to elevate our lives emotionally, mentally, materially, socially, or physically. Everything elevates, expands, and grows. Therefore, if the World elevates in all things of Nature, it must also elevate in Karma and Spirit! And if our spirits are elevating, we must be elevating to a Better Place! So, there may be some good in it after all.

"Man" is not perfect. He (or she) WILL make bad decisions and mistakes.

His inventions and ideas MAY fail and cause injury, delay, or death.

The pain and suffering might even come from someone else's poor judgement, negligence, or actions for whatever reason.

Many people have and will die too young.

These are terrible and sad parts of life that we all have to deal with - and they are never easy, but always remember what you would want the people who loved you to do. You would want to them to remember the "good times" you all once shared, but to take care of themselves and to carry on with their lives...

The Love will always be there and so will the Spiritual Vibe. They flow through us, around us, and protect us in our daily lives. We just have to open our eyes and be aware of our "angels" and the Blessings. They are always there - surrounding us and Guiding us in the right direction to realize and understand the reason for "events" and our true purpose in Life.

Mourn, for mourning does improve the spirit. And no one knows why we are born only to one day die. But we DO know that we all have a purpose for being Here. Give yourself a chance to discover what that purpose is.

The loss of a loved one is painful and hard to bear, but you must push on!

Although it may seem otherwise, there are people in your life who need you. There are people in your future who may need you, your kind words, your experience, or guidance.

There may be important things you are destined to do because of this dark period in your life.

Who knows? Through your experience, you may be able to help someone who is in a great depression. And through your words and personal experience, you may be able to help him or her. Or, possibly save a life.

But you must let this "event" and "experience" give you the wisdom and strength to answer the call.

Don't let it conquer your Spirit. Let it cause you to Elevate, and Shine.

Represent for the Loved Ones who have been lost in this Game we call Life.

"Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Soul..."

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