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Finding Your Calling In Life 2

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"Seek, and Ye Shall Find."





Many people haven't realized their dreams or their Calling In Life, but they press on - acquiring the benefits and rewards of their labor. They cuss and complain, yet they strive for the simple pleasures of life and things that make them happy. They collect things. They participate in certain activities. They're affiliated with certain groups.
They seek out the things which give them peace of mind and the things that help them make it through life without going insane.
They don't give up. They press on, enjoying life, their friends and family, their trinkets, and their hobbies and interests, until they find what their Calling In Life is.
They continue to get the Benefits and Rewards that make life worth living.
Break away from the ways of the lames and scrubs!

They don't know how to discover their Calling In Life or they have given up on their original dreams. They didn't explore all of their options or study their craft.
They've lost their courage, faith, and drive.
Some of them have "new" goals now.
Don't let "hope", "fate", or "luck" dictate your life!
And, Don't settle for the short end of the stick!
Go hard!
Go for what you know!
Make moves!
Explore, Learn, Study, and Elevate!

Think of all ways in which you can use your talent. What other careers can you apply your skills in? What do you have a knack for? What do you have an interest in? Are you good with your hands? Do you like organizing and planning? Do you like to research? Do you like working with groups of people?

Don't confine yourself to ONE DIMENSIONAL thoughts.
Be creative.
Explore, and you will find many more options! You will become more well-rounded - MENTALLY and SOCIALLY!
Look for ways to EXPAND.
Look for other ways to use your skills, talent, and knowledge.
View this list and FIGHT the Negative and Oppressive thoughts that fill your mind...

* Not wanting to "waste" or give-up what you already have done or worked hard to accomplish; If it doesn't make you happy, is it really worth hanging on to? Stack your cash, plan, organize your life, and explore your interests to see if they are worth the risk.

* Not wanting to give-up your current lifestyle or work because you need the benefits and rewards you are currently getting; If it's dragging your spirits downhill, it may be time to let it go. Some benefits you don't need! Some you can get elsewhere - even in your new venture! Consider your opportunities and current benefits well to determine how and when to make your move.

* Fear of trying new things because you believe you're too old or because you don't want to embarrass yourself, slow down the group, or ruin everyone else's momentum. Damn that! You gotta start somewhere! Hell, they weren't all experts or efficient when THEY started out! If you're new, and they're irritated because you're too slow, that's their problem - and they just have to deal with it. Hang in there and get YOUR BENEFITS.

* "Thinking" or "Analyzing" too much and not exploring or not having FUN on your NEW ADVENTURE. Settle down. Your mind will become clear and you will see new opportunities and options when you're relaxed and enjoying yourself. Don't go overboard, but don't "worry" when you're in good company and supposed to be "relaxing" and having a good time.

* Doing things that cause you to be distracted from your goals, talents, or passions; Don't let your addictions or peer pressure knock you off of the Golden Path to Success! Plus, avoid things that hurt your talents and skills!

* Not giving your "Desires", Dreams, and Goals enough time to be realized; You can't rush greatness! Be patient, and realize that it's rare for success to happen overnight. Therefore, be prepared for the long haul and remember: That 99% of the time, you have to crawl before you can walk.

* Not wanting to deal with new people or friendships; Everybody you meet doesn't have to be a life-long pal. And everybody you meet won't be able to help you discover your goals. But new acquaintances and just talking to people can help you discover new options and interests in life. Get out and get your Benefits!

* Afraid of public speaking or being "in the spotlight"; Learn to improve your communication skills. Practice reading and speaking out loud. Talk to more people so that you will be more comfortable speaking. Talk louder. Use Confident body language and work on your Confidence.

* Giving up or not trying because you don't have a good teacher; Just because your teacher sucks doesn't mean you can't study, research, and practice on your own in your spare time. Branching out on your own sometimes will lead you to more knowledge and understanding. Stick with "the master" (or find a better one) but remain curious and vigilant in improving yourself and your life. 

* Not willing to sacrifice, save, and budget your money so that you can invest in your idea, project, or talents; Don't wait on someone else to loan you money or decide on whether or not you have a good idea. Stack your cash, budget, and spend wisely, so that YOU can invest in your idea, project; or talents. But don't stop networking and looking for investors and resources if you need them.

* Not trying or giving up because you don't like the people or the environment; Remember: It's your life. If you quit, you're only hurting yourself.

* Stuck in your old ways and not willing to change or afraid to change; Look... Life changes and the World changes - constantly. Keep up or eventually you will lost and left behind - and still miserable. Can you imagine what the World would be like if all little babies were afraid to try something new - like walking? We'd all be crawling around on bellies!

* Not taking advantage of your resources or not seeking out new resources; Don't get complacent. Explore your options or else you will become BORED and BORING and quit the Voyage to discovering your Calling In Life too soon.

* Not socializing, networking, or mixing and mingling; Refusing to reach out to people; Interaction with people can keep you motivated, "in the know", and aware of new options and opportunities.

* Avoiding your opportunities to PARTICIPATE in various activities and social events; New hobbies and interests will not only help you expand your mind and spirit, they will also help you discover things you never thought you could appreciate or love.

* Allowing BOREDOM to control your life; The only way to fight and conquer boredom is by getting out, making moves, and interacting with others. Do this on a regular basis, and you will eventually find something you love.

* Not immersing yourself in your field, craft, or chosen profession and becoming bored; Feeling that what you're doing is limited and going nowhere; It's not limited! Be creative! Improve your skills and branch out and explore your options!

Let's take a break.
This is where you must put your Game down... Open your ears, eyes, and mind and keep searching for NEW and UNIQUE ways to apply your Game and to use your talents, skills, knowledge, ideas, and creativity in your chosen profession.
Study your Art. Explore your Passions.
Be willing to network and seek-out new people to Collaborate with. Work with people who have the talent, skills, and knowledge you need. Make sure ALL of your Resources and Allies are QUALIFIED and you won't have to worry about wasting your Time, Energy, and Money.
Here are some more reasons why it's hard for people to discover their "Calling In Life".

* Not realizing your options or Not aware of the opportunities available; Exploration is the key to Knowledge and Wisdom. And when you have knowledge and wisdom, many options and opportunities will become available.

* Not curious enough or not motivated to explore; Curiosity IS a motivator! Don't be afraid to ask questions and to research. Keep your mind busy on interests you and your interest will remain high!

* Wasting time with drama, aggravation, and chaos; Don't get sucked into all of the Confusion. Let it make you angry enough to make moves and to get out of your mentally and emotionally destructive situation.

* Confining yourself to the same old routine, duties, pleasures, entertainment, knowledge, and overall lifestyle; Switch-up, branch-out, and try something new!

* Wasting time sulking in misery and confusion; Nothing good can come from this. You can't improve your life by doing this. You can't move up or forward by letting your plight defeat you. Learn more about yourself and why you're in the situation you're in, and fight to get out. Study the situation. Learn from the experience. Help others who may have the same issues and you will help yourself break free of misery and your depressing situation.
* Not Meditating and Visualizing the Benefits of your Goals; In order for you to feel passionate about what you want, you must realize how the things that you desire in life can benefit you. When you strive for your Benefits, there is a good chance that your "Calling In Life" will be revealed to you.

* Doing what others want you to do and not venturing out on your own; If you're searching for your Calling In Life, you will never be happy living someone else's life and not your own.

* Procrastinating and putting things off; If you want to find your "Calling In Life", you can't be lazy! Get up, get out, and get it on and poppin'! Search for motivators to activate your Mind and to get you moving... Competition, Benefits, Rewards, Prestige, Status, Security, Your Needs, Things You Want, Doubters, Haters, etc.

* Getting high and chillin' instead of getting out to explore; If you have an addiction, put it to the side sometimes and give yourself a chance to find what you really love. It may help you cure your addiction and move on with your life.

* Remaining in your work or current situation because you need the money; Stack, Explore, Network, and when you have the opportunity, Make Your Move.

* Indulging in and being DISTRACTED by things that do not suit your true desires, skills, knowlege, or talents; Just because you enjoy doing a certain thing, that doesn't mean it's your Calling In Life. And even if you have a talent for doing a certain thing, that doesn't mean that it's your Calling In Life. We all can't be athletes, singers, and movie stars. But there many options in those fields that we may be better at anyway. Search and explore your options.

* Afraid to "miss-out" on the good times you are currently having although the "good times" are of no benefit to you or hindering you from discovering your "Calling In Life"; If you're not happy with your life, the "good times" don't matter! They're only a quick fix. Socializing is good. But too much of a good thing can ruin you.

* Not sure if the new venture is what you really want; or, not sure if this is what you want to do with your life; You'll never know unless you try it.

* Not sure if the new venture will make us happy or whether or not we'll end up in a worse situation; With all benefits and rewards comes risk. Consider your options well, prepare for the worst that could happen, and take a chance sometimes.
Imagine a huge green field - plush with beautiful green grass. There is a dirt road running through the middle of it. You follow the road until it comes to a brick wall and a dead end. The wall is too high to climb. But! There is another road. And you may go left or right. If you look to the right, the road is long and disappears over the horizon. If you look to the left, the road is also long and disappears over the horizon. If you go back, you will only have to come to the same spot again, so you would be going in circles. What do you do? Which road would you take?

Some people would say that they would explore but they don't know where to start. Just look around! There are millions of things going on and millions of things that people are engaged in. Be curious. Explore and ask questions about whatever you want to know, or whatever you've considered doing.
That FIRST QUESTION is the Beginning of your journey to discovering your Calling In Life!
Be creative and look for opportunities that branch out for whatever it is you're interested in. Then, take action. This is how you get started.
Consider that All things on this earth are connected in some way.
Kind of like the "Six Degrees of Separation" or "The Matrix".
Things and People are connected either by:
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Recruiting
  • Teaching
  • Manufacturing
  • Service/Repair
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Designing
  • Artistry
  • Brokering
  • Organizing
  • And Expertise

Whatever you're doing right now, you can apply it to any one of these fields or skills.

For Example:

Let's use a car for an example. You can sell cars, organize and promote car shows, design and sell car calendars, distribute car parts wholesale, be a broker for people who are looking for and trying to sell cars, write articles about cars, buy and sell cars at auctions, repair cars or certain car parts, paint cars, hire and recruit models for car shows, rebuild race car engines, create "extreme" car videos, etc.

Let's say that you're a hair stylist. You can do hair, host your own hair shows, become a stylist for local models, write books on how to style hair, create a calendar with models showing off unique hair styles, create videos on how to style hair, write a book on how to get into the styling business, develop your own hair care products, become a hair critic and write reviews, host your own classes or seminars on up and coming hair styles, etc.
Be creative and consider your options.
And after you've explored and researched your options, prepare yourself and create or find opportunities.
Look for ways to benefit others - or even other animals - and you will soon find benefits for yourself.

Use ALL of your 10 natural senses:
The Five Basic Senses (touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing) are controlled by your physical interactions and observations.

Emotions - the sixth sense, are controlled by your interactions, self-discipline, observations, unique personality, fears, desires, needs, and beliefs.

Instinct - the seventh sense, these are developed from observation, wisdom, experience, and education.

Vibe - the eighth sense, is awareness of positive and negative energy; this also comes from experience and observation.

Perception - the ninth sense, is observation; awareness; the ability to "read" people and their actions; calculation; knowledge of human nature, knowledge of cycles and situations; awareness of positive and negative energy.

Vision - the tenth sense, is awareness of cycles and opportunities; the ability to recognize or understand events before they happen; calmness, and patience comes from experience and timing rather than "luck" or "chance"; creative ideas and wise judgement comes from here; you feel and understand the negative and positive consequences of actions before they take place.

Many people do not use all of their HIGER SENSES to improve and control their own lives. They're afraid to go with their Instincts. They miss out on good options and opportunities because they don't "read" the good Vibes. Their mind is clouded by fear and doubt and distorts their Perception. They are confused and have no Vision of what they want or where they would like to go.

They don't STEP-UP their Game.

They don't get out and make moves!
They WAIT for something to happen.

Again, Don't let "hope", "fate", or "luck" dictate your life!

Deal with your fears, doubts, and worries head-on!
Explore and prepare yourself for the good opportunities and options that may come your way, and you WILL - without a doubt - discover your "Calling", or at the very least, live a more enjoyable life!
PAGE.3 COMING SOON - "Get Your Benefits"


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