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Finding Your Calling In Life

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Ways To Find Your Calling In Life

"No matter what you do in life - or what your "calling in life" is - the main purpose of your life is to ELEVATE!"

"Why is it so hard for me to find my 'Calling In Life'?"

The World is a complicated place... And, we are complicated people...
There are many Star Players in this world who know exactly what they want and need out of life, but, for all of them, it wasn't always this way. Their ideas and ambitions may have changed throughout the years. They may have had set-backs, traumatizing experiences, or been filled with confusion and no direction of where to go.
They may have been trapped in a bad relationship or stuck in a dead-end job for years.

They may have thought at times that they would never discover their passion or achieve success in life and that life was pointless.

But, somehow, some way, things turned around, and they received their Benefits and Blessings in Life.
But how?

What steps did they take? What did they do? Who did they talk to? What did they say? How do they think?

It's all about "motion"...
Successful Players make moves and stay in "motion".
They take action.
They get out and EXPLORE their OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES.
They look for ways to ELEVATE and ADVANCE their lives!
They don't sleep, waste time, quit, or stop half-way to their Goal. They stay active and focused on completing their Goal. They stay active and focused on getting their BENEFITS and REWARDS in life.
So, It's ALL about "motion"!
The Universe stays in "motion". And somehow, some kind of way, because of this "motion" created by the Almighty, we are able to live, breath, and prosper.
It's because of "motion" that Civilizations have been able to advance.

It's because of "motion" that we are able to ELEVATE in mind, body, and soul.

It's all about "motion" - making moves, exploring, engaging, interacting, and taking action.

Those who fail to take the necessary actions to discover their dreams will be lost in a world of emptiness and confusion.
They will get to a point in their lives and hit a brick wall - stuck - wondering who they are and where they're going.

Wasting the best years of their lives.
 Some will feel as though they are going nowhere in life and had accomplished nothing.

But the Power of Happiness IS in THEIR hands. All they have to do is TAKE ACTION!

We all have a free-will and the mind to control our destinies.

We ALL (those of us who are free) have the Power to take our Destinies into our own hands!

We don't have to sit around (moping) about what we want to do in life!

We Learn and Explore!
We make moves and enjoy new experiences!
And, we LEARN some more.
And we keep on making moves, and exploring, and learning, and asking questions, and meeting new people, and picking up new hobbies, and going to new places, and pretty soon we're too busy and happy to be miserable.

We're happy because... At some point, in the midst of all of that searching and learning and exploring, we found our True Calling In Life.
We found something that we like to do.
It may not make us wealthy. And we may not be in it for the money. But the most important thing is: It makes us happy.
It IMPROVED our lives (mentally, socially, and emotionally) and therefore, elevated our Spirits!
Some people are standing in the midst of their "Calling" and don't even know it!
Because they allow too much drama and negative karma to come into their lives...
They ain't Meditating!
And, They ain't stackin'!
But, they're sittin' around whining and complaining!
How can you have a Good Time or discover The Good Life when you have a negative state of mind?
How can you realize your Dreams or your Calling in Life when your state of Consciousness is in constant pain, suffering, struggling, chaos, and confusion?
How can you advance in life, or elevate, or discover your True Passion, if you aren't active??

Do right, and be fair to yourself.
And, if you're not sure where to start, at least prepare yourself.

Spend and invest wisely, stack your cash, break away from shyness, get over your ego, fight your fears, deal with your issues head-on, explore, and make moves!

If you want to find your Calling In Life, you have to prepare yourself for the Voyage and have the Courage and Strength to hang on when the road gets rough and you encounter obstacles.
Fight your "demons" and "inner battles" head-on!

But what "battles" will you have to fight on this Voyage?
What Obstacles lie in your way?
What fears, doubts, insecurities, addictions, or "negative" habits, are you lugging around inside of your mind?
What BAGGAGE do you have in your life that's holding you back??
Meditate, learn them, and Fight them! They can wear down your Confidence and Motivation!
Deal with them as best you can and KEEP IT MOVIN'!
Don't sit around whining and complaining about your lot in life to other people when you have the Power to take control of your life!
This can keep you down and keep you miserable as well.
It will create a negative vibe or weak aura ALL around you AND inside of you.
And, it will make your Voyage to find your True Calling In Life more difficult.
Here is a list of things that make it hard for us to discover our
True Calling In Life...

They make us Procrastinate or Avoid following our Dreams completely.


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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