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Page 2 - Things That Can Cause Depression

The Key Is To Take Action!

(Take heed and observe. A friend, lover, child, parent, or family member could be suffering right under your very nose.)

"A Few Reasons For Depression"

* Not being able to help, take care of, or provide for your family, friends, or a loved one.
* Feeling helpless
* Being broke
* Not having enough Money, Freedom, or Time to do the things you enjoy doing.
* Feeling inadequate in skills or appearance.
* Feeling like you're always coming in "second" to someone else
* Feeling like a friend, family member, sibling, or someone else you know gets more attention, love, and respect than you do
* Not knowing your purpose or "calling" in Life.

* Loneliness - not having someone that loves you or not having someone to love.
* Feeling that you are unloved by your family, or a family member, or a close friend.
* Constantly feeling that your friends are talking bad about you behind your back (This may actually be a sign of depression although it can depress "young players" who depend on friendships and bonds for happiness.).

* Afraid to take risks.

* Being too shy to interact with other people.

* Feeling overwhelmed by life or your responsibilities.

* Not progressing because of always being afraid of being rejected or turned down.
* Feeling like you're an "oddball", or "different", or like you can't "fit-in".
* Always being misunderstood.

* Someone you love not returning the love or showing that they care and appreciate you.

* Dumbasses and lazy people always doing things to make your job or life harder.

* Lazy people who don't do their job.

* Afraid of failing or falling short.

* Afraid of jeopardizing your reputation.

* Afraid to challenge or offend others although they are wrong, inconsiderate, and act like pigs or jackasses.

* Afraid of letting other people down or of disappointing them.

* Afraid of being embarrassed or humiliated.

* Afraid of being what you want to be because of what others might say or think.

* Fear of standing up for yourself.

* Not knowing how to stand up for yourself.

* Not knowing how to express yourself effectively or clearly.

* Fear of losing.

* Fear of being kicked to the curb (by someone you love or care for).

* Fear of hurting someone else's feelings or of causing them pain so you keep the true emotions and thoughts bottled up inside.

* Fear of being exposed.

* Afraid to change.

* Afraid of speaking up or making a move and ending up in a worse situation.

* Afraid of getting older.
* Unhappy with your appearance or "looks".
* Unhappy with your personality and feeling out of place.

* Believing that your life should have been different.

* Feeling like life has passed you by or believing it IS passing you by.

* Feeling sorry, angry, or humiliated about something in your past.

* Not in the type of relationship you want to be in.

* Stuck in a relationship with someone you don't want to be with.
* Stuck in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere.
* Being deceived, humiliated, disrespected, and kicked to the curb by someone you thought you could trust.

* Not having the type of job you'd like to have.

* Not knowing what you want to be or do in life.

* Feeling like your parents ruined you or your life.

* Feeling like you're not good enough to be successful.

* Feeling like you don't have the skills and talent you need to have to be successful.

* Afraid to try new things because you believe you're too old.

* Not knowing where to start or how to improve your life.

* Being sick of routine and your current life but not knowing how to change it.

* Eating junk food all the time (foods, drinks, and drugs can affect our health and emotions).

* Other people interfering with your life.

* Too many people and/or distractions taking away your focus.

* Feeling like you can't trust someone you love.

* Feeling betrayed by a close friend or relative.

* Feeling like no one understands you or is willing to help you.

* Feeling like you're bad luck.

* Feeling like you can't do anything right.

* Missing someone you love.

* Being afraid of the future.

* Wishing you were still living a past event or situation (high school or childhood).

* Scrubs, haters, and losers f*cking with you all the time (bullies and clowns).

* Bums and busters not doing what they're supposed to do - making your life miserable.

* Feeling powerless to say what's on your mind for fear of retaliation or termination.

* Living in a loud chaotic home where you can't concentrate or focus.

* Fear of venturing out on your own.
* Always thinking and fearing that the World is going to end or be destroyed by war.


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