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Swag and Confidence!

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"Have Faith!"
Believe in Yourself and Your Game.

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"Stand Tall and Ready For Battle!"

A Player with Confidence is a True Player with style, class, and swagger...

A Player who can communicate and carry on conversations will develop confidence (even those who are shy).
A Player who knows how to debate, argue, and make his or her point will develop good confidence.

A Player who believes in his or her skills, capabilities, and talents, will have good confidence.

A Player who has the power to refuse (or say, "No") will have confidence.

A Player who is Independent and who doesn't have to depend on anyone else, will have confidence.

A Player who is always ready for Action and unafraid to take risks to achieve his or her goal will have confidence.

A Player who doesn't worry about what the haters and doubters think, but keeps his or her mind focused on The Big Picture and The Goal will have confidence and will come out on Top every time!

Enlightenment - The ability to see past the lies, bullshit, deceit, and games, will improve confidence.

Being "real", "down-to-earth", and having the ability to laugh at yourself builds surety and confidence.

Being prepared for the worse and ready for "hard times" builds confidence.

And, there are many other things that can give a Player the Confidence he or she needs to mold and shape his or her own Destiny...
a lot of money/wealth
certain trinkets/accessories
expensive possessions/property
a certain talent
sexual prowess/seductive powers
or even physical beauty
True Players recognize the strength of each "asset" and the benefits that each one of them can give. But all Players know that the backbone of all of these things is Good Game.
Game is the Originator of Confidence!
The squires and maidens of The Game put all of their Confidence in things that could be lost, destroyed, or stolen. Trinkets! Money! Property! They rely on flash and cash for emotional, social, and physical gains. They rely on these things for social acceptance, popularity, and favoritism.
They rely on material possessions, flattery, popularity, and "Stuff" for their Confidence and Happiness!
The Game is Forever in motion and these ego-boosters ain't guaranteed to last! Time, Age, and Circumstances can and WILL devour them all - IF, you don't have Good Game...
Without a doubt, these boosters are important "accessories" to The True Players who enjoy The Good Life and The Player's Lifestyle...
Yea, though they give the people an advantage, we must realize that it requires good Game to acquire, maintain, and keep these things. 
Yea, more than all of your trinkets, monies, physical and material possessions will be your Game. Game gives you Strong Confidence!
When your Game is tight, you have your Destiny in your own hands! You know what you want, what you're capable of, and what you don't need. You can recognize the pimpin' well in advance of the situation, and smell bullshit a mile away!
Yea, though you walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Death, you won't have to fear the evil ways of the Mercenary Pimp, because you will be at the pennacle of your Game and your Confidence will also be at its peak.
Yea, As long as your Game is Strong, you can Never go wrong.

To the Aspiring Players and Cadets on this Space-Age Galactic Pimp Voyage, take heed, and let these humble thoughts assist you in improving your Swagger, Confidence, and your Game...

In improving your Confidence, first consider your Fears. What makes you shy, overly humble, submissive, passive, and afraid?
Not having a lot of money?
Living with an oppressive tyrant?
Worried about what others think of you?
The desire to be liked?
The shame of how you look or where you live?
Consider this and make note of it.
Then, you must Conquer and Overcome these bad emotions that drain you of your Spirit and rob you of your Swagger and Self-Esteem!
Personal Power and Supreme Confidence MUST come from within!
And you can get it...

Take a look and you will see that this is just the beginning... There are numerous other ways to build-up your Confidence. Read on to "page 2"...

Page 2 (link only - Under Construction)

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