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Swag and Confidence! - Part 2

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"Don't Back-Down, Lay-Down, Or Give Up!
Use Your Confidence and Game to Achieve and Blow-up!"

"Game Recognize Game!"



* Practice abstinance - when you don't NEED it, you are under your OWN Power!
* Regularly practice Renounciation and Freedom from material wealth, vanity, and meaningless pleasures. Own nice things but don't let the "nice things" own you. When you don't NEED "things" or the "approval" of others to make you Happy, YOU ARE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF.
* Don't accept too many gifts. Gifts can sway or compromise your judgement, and/or your ability to say "No", and/or your ability to do what's best for you at the time. Gifts may also give the Giver the impression that by your acceptance of the gift that you will be willing to return some favor later on down the line.

* Speak-up or Speak Louder
* When someone is talking, look them in the face, the eyes, and in their direction. Don't let them think that you are afraid or WEAK.
* Stand Tall - shoulders back
* Arrive a few minutes early
* Don't allow anyone to railroad you with questions about your personal life or someone else's personal business
* Take time out DAILY to MEDITATE on building your Confidence; think Confident thoughts and use positive affirmations

* Be more critical - think about (and be open to talk about) what you like, don't like, and why.
* Read more, so you will have more to talk about and be able to relate to conversations about current and major events
* Watch the news (local and world) to stay aware of what's going on.
* Read out loud and imagine speaking to an audience in a small room. Pretend you're having a "press conference" if it helps.

* Get a new hairstyle and make sure it fits your overall style and steelo
* Be neutral and fair in disputes among friends but don't "play both sides of the fence." Don't allow either one to disrespect the other over trifles.
* Immulate the style of a True Player - a Don or Diva - who has Confidence, Style, and Class.
* Work-out and study Self-Defense
* Don't be afraid to reject attitudes you don't like. Learn how to express your dislike tactfully and with class

Although a "young player's" environment, influences, and upbringing will affect his or her confidence, there are many internal and external changes that Players make to improve their confidence.
They get things that they know the scrubs, hoodrats, and suckers of the World admire and respect. These are good things that can bring great benefits and add to a Players style and swagger, but True Players don't put their heart and soul into these things. They use these "trinkets", "jewels", and "wealth" as tools and weapons to parlay AND to help keep their pimp-hands Strong... You must do the same.

These ego-boosters can - without a doubt - improve your swagger and confidence but they are mainly for Style and Display purposes.
Money and other "assets" are tools and valuable resources that can boost you to Big Baller Status!
But TRUE CONFIDENCE lies in your Game and the belief that you have in yourself.
MEDITATE and PRACTICE building your Confidence often and soon, You will ooze with CONFIDENCE.

Consider all of these things and respect the ways in which you can use them to your benefit and for "Good".


How To Be Confident (from Wiki-How)

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