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Sunday, 2 August 2009
What does one do when they realize...

Web Gem:

What does one do when they realize so many things they cherish in life are an illusion?

Are you content to go with the flow?

Posted by momo at 2:55 AM EDT
Notes - Deep Space/Hidden Power

How much power do we really have within us?

How can we find, connect with, and experience our inner powers?

Are there more than ten senses? If so, what are the higher senses? What is the eleventh sense?

List of basic senses -

touch; taste; smell; sight; sound;

List of higher senses -

emotions; instinct; vibe; perception; vision

(is vision really the same as perception?)

Perception - the ninth sense, is observation; awareness; the ability to "read" people and their actions; calculation; knowledge of human nature, knowledge of cycles and situations; awareness of positive and negative energy.

Vision - the tenth sense, is awareness of cycles and opportunities; the ability to recognize or understand events before they happen; concentration, calmness, and patience comes from experience and timing rather than "luck" or "chance"; creative ideas and wise judgement comes from here; you feel and understand the negative and positive consequences of actions before they take place.

Does having vision mean having supernatural powers such as a "third eye"?

Is vision really a "feeling" sense or an extension of "instinct"? a "hunch"?

Posted by momo at 1:06 AM EDT

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