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"A Few Reasons Why Pimpin' Ain't Easy"

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"Pimpin' Ain't Easy?!!"
"Who told you that?"

Pay attention young Divas and Playas, and respect the rules of The Game and forsake the ways of the hoodrats, lames, scrubs, and Mercenary Pimp! They live for their own selfish desires! Vanity, Pride, and Greed will always be their downfall. So, the true essence and wisdom of what pimpin' really is will always elude them. Therefore, Pimpin' will NEVER be easy for these seed-suckers and crumbcake-ass local jokers! Neither will the road to true wealth and happiness!
They want things they can't understand. They want to be in positions they can't handle. They live to impress and they also live for Power...
Power over your own life is all the power you need. When you master yourself and your life, you will show that you have discipline. You will show that you have the ability to accomplish and accumulate. You will show that you are motivated to succeed. You will show that you have a successful plan or system for getting things done. People will see you as a leader - someone who's effective - and not as a fake or fraud (or a wannabee player). People will trust you. You will trust in your Game. And the pimpin' WILL be easy because you will know in all ways how to apply your skills. This is your Power.
Be true to The Game and be true to yourself:
"Live to be the best. Don't live to impress."
Don't try to be something you're not.
Don't try to get-over on people.
Don't take short-cuts and cheat the "system".

* Pimpin' is hard when you don't have confidence in yourself or your Game.
* Pimpin' is hard when you don't know the rules of the "game" you're playing.
* Pimpin' is hard when you give up too easily or quit too soon.

* Pimpin' is impossible when you allow others to control your life. There is no way a "puppet" can be a True Playa or Diva! Get rid of your approval-seeking behaviour! Don't let people run all over you! Be assertive! Prepare your future and take care of yourself! Be fair to yourself and others! Treat people right. Don't slack-off about your Game, and don't let scrubs, lames, and losers entice you with addictions! Stay true to The Game!
* Pimpin' is hard when the competition is strong or when the "market" is flooded.
* Pimpin' is hard if your Game is weak.

* Pimpin' is hard when you don't know what pimpin' really is. It's not about selling sex or being a hoe. These are only the results of the pimpin when a "player" or pimp uses his or her Game.
* Pimpin' is hard for "players" who don't have goals. You must have a goal, dream, or vision to strive for. This is your ULTIMATE REASON to "put your Game down" and apply your pimpin'!
* Pimpin' will always be hard for "gimps" because they refuse to learn the true wisdom of The Game. They think they know it all, but in reality, they don't know jack sh*t. They are only "half-educated" about The Game and about their pimpin'. They want to be Ballers, Willies, Macks, Dons, and Divas, but their game is elementary. They are still on the sophmore levels. A gimp can be an Aspiring Playa or Diva, or even a player-hater. And they will remain that way until they take the time to learn advance their knowledge and wisdom.

* Pimpin' is hard for a Player who lacks true wisdom, knowledge, or understanding of how and when to use Game.
* Pimpin' is hard for Players who don't take the time to plan and be prepared. These Players are "playing games" and not taking the Pimpin' seriously.
* There will always be gossips, player-haters, non-believers, busters, hoes, and scrubs that will try to destroy your plans or knock your dreams.

* Pimpin' is hard for wannabee players who can't let go of the hoodrat lifestyle: Laziness, procrastination, loitering and wasting valuable time, living a life based on hearsay and not knowledge - these are the things that will always make pimpin' difficult for a hoodrat.
* Over-extending your pimpin' by being greedy, harsh, tyrannical, selfish, scamming, cheating, and too much player-hating will make tricks, hoes, and hoodrats wary of you or avoid you - not to mention True Players who can see through your "games" and cons.
* Being foolish. Constantly taking high risks. Over-extending your pimpin' by constantly breaking the SAME RULES over and over again.

* Pimpin' is hard for Players who lose respect for The Game. The Game is neither fair nor unfair, but the "players" can be deceitful and malicious. So, you must watch your back (or "cover your ass") at all times! Don't underestimate rival players, player-haters, busters, and "managers". Keep your Game tight and keep your paths safe and sucka-free from the haters!
* Pimpin' is hard when you're trying to pimp something nobody wants. 
* Pimpin' is hard when the "pimp" is a con, scandal, or a cheat that is obvious to the masses. You will get away for awhile, but eventually, the deed or scandal will come back to haunt you. Bad pimpin' is bad for business.

* Your mind must be focused and your goal specific or else, pimpin' will always be a challenge.
* Pimpin' is hard when you don't have the right attitude. You must know how to handle all situations. Don't let your problems get the best of you. All problems can't be solved. You just have to know how to deal with them. Do what you can do, try to be fair (to yourself first), and don't make any promises or guarantees unless you know they can be fulfilled (and don't let anyone force you to make a promise or guarantee).
* Pimpin' is hard when you are mesmerized by vanities: material possessions, conflict, social status, your ego, addictions, etc. Don't allow your emotions or desires to "soften" your Game. Stay hungry and stay vigilant! Enjoy the benefits of your labor, but remember that it's your Game that will bring you more and it's your Game that will help you to keep what you've got!


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