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"Don't fade off into your 'Golden Years' old, broke, and lonely with regrets about how you lived your life.

"Living The Good Life - Big Baller Style!"

You don't have to be wealthy to live The Big Baller Lifestyle...
But if you were...
You could live The Good Life with all throttles on full blast!
You could provide a very comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.
You could travel daily, eat at the finest restaurants, and parlay at the most exclusive clubs and venues.
You could invest in your Friends and help them start businesses.

You could drive the most exotic and luxurious automobiles.
You could own yachts, your own private plane, and homes all around the World.
You could have fine art and collectibles like rare coins and one-of-a-kind paintings.

You could afford the best foods, the best medicines, personal fitness trainers, and a lifetime membership to first class health spas and resorts.
You could have the best security for you and your loved ones.
You could live an Ultra-Exclusive Lifestyle and enjoy your wealth with your family and friends.
You could help others move up in Life and enjoy The Big Baller Lifestyle too!
And, you wouldn't have to fear struggling to "get by" in your old age.

But being a Big Baller has more to do with your Game than it does about your money.
There are many CappaDons and CappaDonnas who daily live The Good Life without a penny to their name! They live by the spirit and power of their Game!
True: The goal of all Aspiring Playas and Divas is to save and build up their revenues so one day they may enjoy The Player's Lifestyle, but in order for any Player to get to that level, you must have Game. You must have a system that helps you attract and keep what you need to thrive and survive. You must have rules, philosophies, good instinct, reliable resources, and a plan (only to keep you focused and on course to your Goal because sometimes rules, plans, and situations change.)
Even Players who play the Lotto must have a "system" so that they don't blow their entire checks on lottery tickets! (Bills must be paid! And, they still need food, shelter, entertainment, and soap and water to wash the stank off of their asses...) So, to be a Player on any level, you must have a means to get you there and keep you there. You must have a plan. You must have a "system" AND the "proper tools" to help you achieve your Ultimate Goal and any other important goals along the way. And this "system" will be a major part of how you operate and conduct personal and professional business.
This System will be a major part of your Game.

Q:   If you don't have to be rich to be a Big Baller, can I be broke and still be a Big Baller?

A:   Again, it all depends on your Game. If you have the drive, confidence, faith, swagger, and determination, all things are possible.

It should be the goal of all Aspiring Dons and Divas to live "The Good Life" and to prepare for their "Golden Years".
Why would anyone want to spend their whole life breaking their back for greedy uncaring Players and monkey-managers who have no love for them? Why would anyone want to work all of their life for jackasses who don't have a clue about how to lead or run a business?
Why do they torment themselves day after day in work that is unfulfilling and meaningless to them?
They sacrifice their good times and memories for unsatisfying work and people that they do not really know or love?
To be able to relax and enjoy your time and freedom with the people you care about is a good thing! And a Blessing!
There are many people who are old and still forced to work because of poor decisions they have made throughout their life...
They've either procrastinated, feared making moves, played and parlayed too much, let their addictions run their lives, didn't stack, or made bad choices in friendships, or Whatever...
The bottomline is: Peep their Game and the OUTCOME of their lives.
Time has passed them by. They are old, ancient, and often cast aside - making way for the next "worker bee" to take their place and continue the work that they can no longer do.
They are now "has-beens" and "players" who USED to have it "going on". They used to be attractive, popular, sexy, and free-spending! They used to be beautiful people whose looks could get them anything they wanted. They were once hustlers with money to burn! Back in their day, they were well-known all over town.
But, not anymore...
Behold, now they have no energy. Or, time... Or, freedom... and still not enough money to enjoy their lives...
They try to survive on scraps and chump-change.
Some of them hang-out and politick at convenience stores - hustling and begging for change.
They failed to "Stack" those golden duckies for their Future and now they're broke and pissed off.
It's a sad thing.
All of their "hard work" has been in vain - the "Good Years" wasted and gone with the wind.
Work on your Game, talents, skills, and FINANCES. Work hard on your DETERMINATION and DRIVE. Be Ferocious about Success! Do what you need to do to make it happen! Find something you love (or can tolerate) and put your Game down!
Organize and PLAN the route to your Goal and stick to it! If that cash starts to weigh heavy on your mind, or begins to "burn a hole" in your pockets, put it down and get away from it!
Don't let greed or compulsive behavior cause you to spend your cheese foolishly! Hold On, and Invest your money wisely!
Invest in your education, talent, or a business! Plan in advance so that you do not throw good money away!
Use Superior Wisdom and Knowledge to retire with plenty of cash in your pockets so that you may someday enjoy The Good Life and "The Big Baller Lifestyle".

What Is A Big Baller ?

A Big Baller is a "retired" Player. He or she has SAVED and INVESTED wisely. He or she is no longer stuck in The Rat Race...
Most of a Big Baller's money will always continue to make more money through hobbies, interests, productions, investments, residual income, affiliations, or silent partnerships. So, there is no need for him or her to work - or struggle.

A Big Baller is a "jet-setter", a connoiseur, and an International Player! But when your Game and Bank Account is on swole, you can be whatever you want to be!
A True Baller radiates Success and Superior Game. This is one of the main reasons why others seek him or her for information or advice on how to make and save money. His or her information and advice is reliable because it is PROVEN!
So, a Big Baller MAY make money on the side... or, have a residual income coming on a regular basis, but a True Baller is not concerned so much with making money. They live to party, parlay, and have fun! They've already put in the work, and their job is done.
Therefore, many Big Ballers in The Game are mainly concerned with enjoying Life and the fruits of their labor.
They've prepared for their Golden Years...

Q:   What Does A Big Baller Do All Day?


There are a million ways to make a million dollars. You only need to find one. Use a product, service, talent, idea, or one-time partnership.
Create a plan.
Get the tools and skills you need. Get the education and knowledge if necessary.
Have the faith and courage to use what you have.
Make calls, Network, and make new contacts.
Always strive to be an expert at whatever you do if it is to bring you happiness. Learn the game (industry or business) inside and out. 
Organize, Make Moves, and stay in motion.
And have the determination to make it all work no matter what.
Don't fade off into your "Golden Years" old, broke, and lonely with regrets about how you lived your life.
Get up, get out, and prepare for YOUR FUTURE now!

A few other tips to help you reach Baller Status...
* Don't be greedy for material and financial gain. Money is a necessity but it will never compare to your Game which can bring you cash on demand. (This is high-roller pimpin on the CappaDonnas or Jedi Level!)

* Always strive to improve your Game and use it everyday. Good Practice makes it Perfect.

* Learn the ways of The Diva - The Exceptional Woman is the greatest Teacher of ALL Players.

* Never jump to conclusions! Listen carefully and wait for the full story. Then think before you decide.

* Don't associate too much with scrubs, busters, lames, and losers. They'll distract you from your Game.

* Make sure your mind is right! Hustle HARD! The CappaDonna is The Ultimate Player and The Ultimate Hustler! And a Hustler is the hardest and most fierce worker in ANY BUSINESS!

* Try to make friends and allies before you make enemies. Therefore, use tact and be ready to hold your peace before burning bridges.

* Finally, don't allow yourself to be pimped unless you can benefit from the deal.

And, there are many other principles that can guide you to the top of the Ladder To Success! But, you must keep your eyes and ears open, network, and be willing to ask questions! Don't Procrastinate! Majibulate and Make your move!
"If your Mind believes, you can and will achieve."
Don't Fear The Game - Live It, Love It, and Enjoy It!


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