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"Ignorance is for those who choose to be weak."

A few things you should know about hoodrats...

Watch out for hoodrats!
They love to chill and if you aren't careful, you'll find yourself addicted to chillin' too!
Hoodrats are fun-loving people with magnetic personalities! They have such powerful charisma and/or swagger that they can rope you into their lifestyle!
They can make you lose sight of your Dreams!
They can DE-motivate you!
Stand tall and stay in control of yourself! Take back your Life if need be...
Don't get sucked into enjoying the topsy-turvey world of the Hoodrat!
Hoodrats have no Honor, Code, or Respect.
Hoodrats don't believe in snitchin' but they love to gossip. Either way the story will be told.
Some are instigators.
Hoodrats procrastinate. They are time-wasters. They also try to waste other people's time. Don't let one of 'em waste yours.
They enjoy sitting around all day gossipin' and bullshittin' - marinating in their ability to just "hang-out" and "chill" because they have no ambition or drive - or money.
A lot of them smoke weed, drink like a fish, or do some kind of dope, so they are confused or ignorant about the true "Issues of Life". They don't know how to solve problems - or, deal with problems - except by way of violence or confrontation. They are simple. They love to argue and debate but they know nothing and refuse to listen.
Laziness and cheating (taking short-cuts) is the way of the hoodrat because hoodrats always want to take the easy way out.
Hoodrats live in ghettos, trailer parks, lower and middle-class neighborhoods - and even mansions!
A hoodrat can be found anywhere and in any social class. Being a hoodrat is a state of mind rather than a state of substance.
Hoodrats hate responsibility. But... many hoodrats don't know how to be responsible.
Hoodrats love attention almost as much as haters do. And a hater who's a hoodrat is double-trouble, so watch your back. And if he's a hater who's a hoodrat with doubts about your Game, then watch your front also. And choose thy steps wisely.
Beware of the hoodrat. Many hoodrats are deceivers who constantly think up ways of "getting over" on others. Some are pimps in disguise.
Hoodrats ain't cheapskates! That's why they stay broke and often begging and wanting for favors. Use your Game hoodrat! Hustle, and learn to stack some of that bread back!
Hoodrats live just to "get by".
Hoodrats skimp on their necessities because they love taking short-cuts.
Hoodrats live a "below average" mentality when really they have the power within them to be great.
Hoodrats are pawns of Hustlers, pimps, Players, player-haters, and other hoodrats.
Hoodrats are the spectators of the World. Hoodrat, get off the bench and get in The Game!
They love to watch confrontation, arguments, and violence.
Hoodrats love to argue with everybody - even when they're wrong!
Hoodrats can't control themselves from telling tall tales, so consider his or her words twice before you act.
Hoodrats are always trying to be something they aren't.
Hoodrats don't ever consider their financial future.
Hoodrats love to daydream and imagine instead of planning and taking action.
Hoodrats think that their clothes, appearance, and material possessions make them Important because they don't fully understand The Game.
Hoodrats are satisfied with limited skills. They are too lazy to improve on their talents or education.
Hoodrats believe that they can lie and bullshit their way through Life.
Hoodrats will always play themselves out because they are simple-minded.
Hoodrats never want to "do the right thing".
Hoodrats want to be "pimps" and "players" more than anything else in the World, but they must change their frame of mind. They must apply the street-knowledge they have to the business world. They can be great hustlers and players if the would only expand on their Game and remove themselves from the way of laziness and over-relaxation. Chillin' all the time is worse than being on drugs because you contribute nothing to your life. You can't grow by chillin'. You can't become successful by chillin'. You must take action! You have to make your own moves and put your plans in motion. You have to have a goal, a dream, or a vision. You have to have something that brings passion into your life. A thing that will spark DETERMINATION, PASSION, and AMBITION.
Hoodrats always want to cheat The System. They always want hand-outs and freebies. They always want favors and for others to "look-out for them" while they drift along through life.
Sometimes hoodrats are hoes, sometimes they are player-haters, but being a hoodrat is no better than being a crackhead or a pothead. Neither of them can progress and improve their life until they change their ways.
Hoodrats are irrational.
Hoodrats are careless because they're lazy.
Hoodrats have no respect or honor for anything.
Hoodrats love to borrow and ask for favors.
Hoodrats like "rigging" things like TVs, car parts, and appliances.

How to Quit Being a Hoodrat and Live The Player's Lifestyle.

* First of all, REJECT THE HOODRAT LIFESTYLE! Make an effort to step up your Game!
* Don't waste TIME, ENERGY, LOVE, and MONEY on things that can't improve your life and community in some way.
* Second, realize that the Hoodrat Way of Life will only drag you downhill.
* Get some goals that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Get Goals that will motivate you to move up in life.
Hoodrat you have The Power to live your Dreams. Calm yourself, close your eyes, and open your mind...
Be fair to yourself and make moves to build good resources, style, class, and positive relationships.
Play the Game of Life. Don't let life play you.


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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