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Beware of the Evil player-hater!

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"I kept on digging the hole deeper and deeper looking for the treasure chest until I finally lifted my head, looked up and realized that I had dug my own grave." - Sir John Denham


Beware of the playa-hater!

Why is it so hard for the heathenous player-hater to understand... that the road to "The Good Life"... is a simple one... and that they can profit a great deal more in that Life instead of the dark and gloomy world that their minds are trapped in?

It's because they have no direction, no plan, and no knowledge of how to enjoy "The Good Life".
It's because they are an envious and greedy people.
It's because they don't have the determination or fortitude to try to be successful.
It's because they hate to see others get ahead.
It's because they are lazy procrastinors and want you to live that way with them.
It's because they are cowards.
But mainly...
It's because they want attention.


Aspiring Divas and True Playas should be on your best guard to protect yourself from the ways of the haters, doubters, and busters. One sip of "hater-ade" and you could be hooked on hatin'!

But there is hope...

Study the ways of the hater and avoid them. Know how the haters think and think the opposite. Be one step ahead at all times! Pay attention to their habits and be ready to thwart Evil! Use your Supreme Wisdom and Game in heavy battle and you will come out on top everytime!


Ways of the heathenous playa-hater: 

* player-haters are clowns and silly people who like to belittle other people's ideas, accomplishments, dreams, and goals.
* player-haters love to spread lies and rumors.
* player-haters are backstabbers and often up to no good.
* player-haters try to make Aspiring Playas and Divas look bad.
* player-haters are moochers and beggars who would rather suck up a Player's finances rather than work and strive for their own.

* player-haters in a powerful position often misuse their power to humiliate or harass people.
* player-haters are thieves who beg and borrow when they are down-and-out, but who refuse to pay you when they get back on their feet.
* player-haters love to gossip about other people.
* player-haters are two-faced.
* player-haters love to criticize others.

* player-haters are pessimistic and only see the bad side of Life.
* player-haters try to make people laugh by clowning other people.
* player-haters are bullies.
* player-haters are greedy, unfair, and like to over-charge people.
* player-haters are cheaters who try to scam and con people.

* player-haters hate to see others move up in Life.
* player-haters love to point out mistakes.
* player-haters don't have no faith or belief.
* player-haters hate for any reason because they think they are better than everyone else.
* player-haters often break promises. They have no honor or integrity.

* player-haters are an overly proud and snobbish people.
* player-haters are destructive and try to cause ruin and chaos.
* player-haters are instigators who meddle in other people's relationships to cause grief and ruin.
* player-haters always try to give advice on things they know nothing about.
* player-haters never look at the Big Picture. They hate because they only see things from one point of view - their point of view.

* player-haters are unreliable.
* player-haters are sneaky and love to whisper lies.
* player-haters are thieves who refuse to work to come-up in Life. player-hater... get your own "grip"and stop the stealing and hatin'!
* player-haters always want to take short-cuts and the "easy way out".
* player-haters try to be slick and deceptive. They live to "get-over" on others.

* player-haters are "petty pimps" who pimp for attention instead of Achievement and The Come-Up.
* player-haters are hoes, doubters, non-believers, and busters.
* player-haters are abusive.
* player-haters are losers and scrubs who are full of jealousy and envy.
* player-haters are too proud to ask for help or advice. They think they know EVERYTHING.

* player-haters love to talk, but hate to LISTEN.
* player-haters are unfair and practice favoritism over good judgement and fair decisions.
* player-haters don't keep secrets.
* player-haters will never live right because they have no honor or respect for rules.
* player-haters are often lazy, dirty, and filthy. They have no respect for other people's possessions or their own.
* player-haters are fakes and frauds.

These are just a few characteristics of player-haters... but you should always keep in mind that most player-haters often practice the ways of the Mercenary Pimp so that the World cannot know their true motives!
Deception is the key essence of the Mercenary Pimp - peddling false hopes and dreams... and spreading lies.
Stay very afar from that way. The path of the Mercenary Pimp is one of chaos, confusion, and destruction.
Many player-haters are depressed people. Some are clowns who lack the knowledge and wisdom to move up in Life or enjoy true happiness, so they are bitter and miserable... and envious. They don't like to see others get ahead because they can't get ahead.
They're sick because they have no idea of what it's like to be Free, Happy, and living The Good Life.
This negative attitude towards people and Life will eventually bring them down.
Turn away form the Hate, player-hater! And rebuke the way of the Mercenary Pimp! Learn some good game and stack your cash...
And then, you too, can enjoy The Good Life and The Player's Lifestyle...
Keep It Pimpin'.

Don't player-hate!


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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