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What Is "The Game"?

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The Game

(An Introduction To The Player's Lifestyle)

"What Is The Player's Lifestyle?"

Many people have The Game twisted and only see the "sex industry" as the only game on the planet.

But The Player's Lifestyle is not about sex, picking up chicks, or using men for money!

Is not about how many minions and pansies a "player" or "playette" can sleep with.

And it's not only about living an extravagant lifestyle!

Being a True Playa or a Diva is about using your talents, skills, confidence, and knowledge to "come-up" in Life AND to enjoy Life to the fullest!

It's about improving your Life, being independent, and obtaining peace of mind...

It's about the personal satisfaction you get from achieving your dreams and controlling your own destiny.

Your decision-making skills, your confidence, talent, abilities, and attitude will move to a higher level when you apply yourself and focus on personal development and self-awareness.

It's about having the courage and confidence to grow and move up in life.

No matter what you do in life - or what your "calling in life" is - the main purpose of your life is to ELEVATE!
Avoid the broad path and don't play yourself for a sucker! Take heed to the prophecies and experience of old times and ancient text...

Elevate! Achieve! Improve! And Grow!
This is the purpose of Life and all things in the Universe!

Look around and take notice of this.

Everything that lives starts from a tiny "seed".
It then grows and matures:

Our minds, our bodies, our spirit, our knowledge, our talents, our skills.

The world also elevates by way of ergonomics:
Everything bought or created is designed to help make our lives (or jobs) easier - or to provide you with MORE comfort. Is this not true?

Any form of art is not created purposely to offend, but to bring joy. Just as any book of wisdom is used to achieve understanding, peace, and happiness. And to ELEVATE in spirit!
But Beware...

It is not the intention of the Oppressor to elevate for the good of all, but to "improve" for his own good, greed, or benefit.

But consider not whether their Leader is a saint or sinner. He or she is trying to GAIN something or IMPROVE something to his or her own liking or for the benefit of his or her Master. He or she is focused on his own dreams and not the welfare or lives of the people. He strives to Elevate for his own reasons.
We all have our own reasons.
This is a natural phenomenon and an instinctive part of Man's life on earth.


Elevate your Mind!
Elevate your Spirit!
Elevate your Status!
And Elevate your Cash!

And after you Elevate and find yourself on the road to happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, then use your experience, wisdom, and knowledge to teach the "younger players" (young in experience not age) how to do the same. This is one of the "recycling processes" of Life and The Game.

Live Your Dreams and teach others how to discover and live their dreams!
This is good karma and it's also a building block of every Players' Legacy! And it's a simple way to do your part to help improve the World one step at a time.

Don't live all of your days as a spectator, dreamer, or a sucker! Take control of your life and strive to reach the highest levels of love, spirituality, peace, comfort, and courage by way of Supreme Game and Wisdom!
This is the philosophy of all True Playas and Divas - AND the philosophy of  "The Player's Lifestyle"...

Therefore, The Player's Lifestyle is also about Abundance and not necessarily Excess!

Abundance of time, money, courage, friendships, love, and peace of mind!
It's about living a comfortable lifestyle with few issues, few worries, and no tolerance for foolishness!

It's about getting OUT of the "Rat Race" and getting onto The Golden Road to The Good Life - A life of joy and happiness.

Therefore, Player, do not allow your Game to be swayed. Nor, let the doubters and haters talk you out of your Game.
Sure, they may laugh and doubt your dreams, but...
Use your mind and stay focused! KEEP YOUR GAME TIGHT! Work hard, work smart, and constantly work on improving your Game!
Seek Wisdom, Discernment, and Good Judgement. This is a treasure for all ages and will keep you safe even when all the dollars and duckies fail.

Radiate good karma and good vibes so that your blessings will be many and so that good karma will fall upon you.

Don't let greed, ambition, selfishness keep you from helping those who are truly in need! But, move far away from the moochers and manipulators who seek to use you and bring you down. This is also positive karma for your Spirit AND Reputation!

A wise Player will be showered with blessings and opportunities if he or she uses good Game. Make the most of them.

Always keep your goals in mind and stay on the path to improvement, elevation, and The Good Life!

Moreover, The Player's Lifestyle will bless you when you hustle hard and push for your BENEFITS! Just ask Oprah.
Therefore, be Assertive and Go Hard after your Dreams. Why should you live on the lower levels of Life? Why should you be someone else's pawn all your life?
MAN-UP AND PRESS FORWARD! Be a go-getter and not a dreamer!
And after you've worked hard and practiced Diligence and Prudence, then you can sit back and chill, travel, parlay, or find other goals!

Whatever you decide, know that the World is at your disposal when you love yourself and do you best to live The Good Life and The Player's Lifestyle!

How To Measure Your Success In The Game


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