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"A Few Notes For Aspiring Playas and Divas"

A True Playa...

* Is a Male or a Female applying the rules of The Pimp Game to the Playa Lifestyle.
* Is motivated by money and prestige not hoes and sex!
* Recognizes Playas from tricks.
* Never playa hates on other Playas but learns from them.
* A True Playa is a hustler for Peace, Wealth, and Riches - not a hustler for sex.
* Should also never openly speak bad about another True Playa.
* Only associates with tricks and Playas that can help make her rich!
* Should always have his mind on Making MORE Money!
* Is always PREPARED... especially for "hard-times".
* Doesn't worry about money because her mind is always focused on the things that will make her money.
* Is streetsmart first, business smart second, and commonsense smart always.
* Stays in touch with all aspects of his surroundings.
* Should only bond with her Real Family and her Clique which is also her "Family".
* Should never depend on Anyone.
* Should always be neat and clean if not sharp as a razor!
* Make sure that your tricks look good when they are with you. A dirty trick is a nasty and lazy trick.
* Understands human emotions and uses this knowledge to his advantage.
* is Always a Leader but knows when to follow.
* is Mercenary and lives the Playa Lifestyle.
* is Mercenary but also a Diva!
* Has a small circle of friends but many associates that want to help her succeed.
* Should always believe in herself.
* should Never chase tricks - that's a job for hoes!
* A True Playa' doesn't "play games". His mind has to be on hustling and making money not screening calls and dodging people!
* Should Always put business before pleasure.
* Should Always have a back-up plan.
* Loves to Negotiate.
* Hustles to make her Dreams come True.

When it comes to Tricks...

* Never put your full trust in a trick or another Playa.
* Always give a trick a deadline to have your money. If you don't they'll pay you when they are ready.
* If a trick is late with anything that concerns you then put that trick in check on the quick!
* Never allow a trick to pick you up late - especially with your own ride.
* Never abuse or take advantage of your tricks. They'll look out for you and keep you safe.
* Always be attentive to your tricks. Ask them about their life but don't boast about yours.
* Never acquire more tricks than you can keep track of: Two are good, three are ok, but only get a fourth if you need a new starter for your team.
* If a trick is working hard to be a Playa it's OK to coach him/her and to give advice, but keep the trick and Playa' relationship in place.
* Never get loud with a trick and never let a trick get loud with you.
* Avoid associating with tricks you don't know unless you meet them through mutual friends.
* Never believe your tricks are faithful. Always make them prove it!
* Never flatter your tricks but be attentive to them - a compliment or kind words are a plus!
* Never let your tricks see you weak or confused. It's harder to regain their confidence in you if you lose it.
* Do Not show fear of your "Superiors" in the prescence of your tricks.
* Always have something good to tell your tricks. Try to build your tricks' self-esteem, but keep the trick and Playa' relationship in place.
* Never allow your tricks to act like clowns or your life will be a circus!
* A faithful trick is better than a companion and two faithful tricks are better than one!
* If you find a good trick make sure you have not strayed upon a Pimp in tricks' clothing!
* If a trick tries to treat you like a trick put that trick in check or let that trick go!
* Many tricks will apply at your camp but only a few will make the team. Put the ones you cut on your cheerleading team and in reserve in case your plans for another trick fall through.
* Teach your tricks to think and act as you do. This will make your work easier.
* Never allow your tricks to play with your emotions.
* Never allow anyone to disrespect your tricks in your prescence.
* Keep a close eye on your tricks - tricks have Game too.


* Your Game is the KEY to your Success!
* Believe in Yourself and the Tricks will believe in you too!
* As long as you keep your game tight and your mind focused the money will come.
* The True Playa Lifestyle is not for kids.
* Stack your dough! And put the ass on hold!
* The True Playa Lifestyle does not revolve around "games" only The Pimp Game.
* Being a True Playa requires the utmost seriousness.
* Always present yourself as a person in charge.
* Money is not only a necessity it is a tool!!! Use it to make more money!!!
* A Playa must be in Constant Motion looking for opportunity.
* Sometimes you have to pimp yourself in order to get to the top!!!
* Commonsense is the Equalizer!!! Action is the Advantage!!!
* A Playa must stand out apart from the crowd.
* A Playas personality is lively yet intense.
* You are a True Playa representin' The Game and The Lifestyle!!!
* Laziness, Drunkeness, Lack of Communication, and Uncontrolled Desires are the downfalls of all who fall short of "The Playa's Lifestyle".
* Remember to feed your tricks the Pimp Rules a little at a time, but make them swallow YOUR Rules whole.
* A Playa' always wants the Very Best Deals. Work on your negotiation skills.
* There's nothing more valuable than a Playa's mind and his time - not cars, jewels, or trinkets... not his cash or his shine.
* YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL as a True Player and Diva is to retire and become a Baller!
* Greed and Gluttony of ANYTHING can slow down your Game or cause your ruin.
* Laziness and Procrastination is not the way of a True Diva.
* A True Diva or Playa is a "problem solver" - forsake Confusion and rebuke Ignorance!



* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

Copyright (2003 - 2010) DZL MEDIA (TM), DZL RADIO (TM) - Charlotte, NC

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