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"DZL = Supreme Game"

If You Want Supreme Game... Then, You Want That

- DZL -

DZL (or diesel, or Shaq Diesel, or Mack Diesel, or Fire Diesel) - (1) Top Of The Line; The Greatest; The Best; Awesome (2) Big Game; Izm; a person's Game (i.e. talent, skills, knowledge, wisdom, etc.); Supreme Game; superb Game; (3) Excellent Social Skills; Excellent Communication and/or Conversation Skills; Superb Skills in Speaking; to be very persuasive; glib; excellent in negotiation (4) big; huge; super-sized; a "monster"; a "beast"; (5) a person or thing that is well-respected for its unique qualities;
(4) "Rush Limbaugh attracts many people to his talk-show because his speaking skills are dzl (or diesel)."
(3;4) "A lot of rappers get on the mike and spit, but very few can spit that DZL (excellent game)."
(1) "I've tasted some excellent champaigne before, but this stuff is straight-up DZL! Let me get another swig."


Yea, when your Game is Top-Notch, and you able to navigate through life in peace and harmony, and knowing that your Destiny is in your hands because you've been Blessed with a free-will and mind to make good decisions and positive choices that bring you Benefits, then you know you've reached the Level of the most elusive status known to Man. You get to the point where you can recognize good Game and possibly unfair pimpin' far in advance of the present situation.
It would be a beautiful thing if Everybody in the World were fair and honest with each other, but The Game of Life is not fair. We know this. There will always be unsavory characters and haters abound. So, your Game must be tight so that you are not easily taken advantage of, used, misused, abused, humiliated, or pimped.
You have got to be aware of what's going on around you in your Personal and Business Life. You have to be smart about your responsibilities, friendships, battles, love life, finances, etcetera and so forth. Because, who wants to waste good money, or be conned out of their honest hard-earned dollars?
Who wants to be "taken advantage of" or "kicked to the curb" in their relationship?

Therefore, use the good Game that you have hidden deep inside of your mind. Stand tall and have Confidence in your skills and your Game.
"Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind."
Use your good Game and practize Self-Control...
Sometimes you have to sacrifice and say "no" to yourself.
Sometimes you have to say "no" to others - especially when they are throwing their money away and YOURS too!
Sometimes, you just can't go to the mall and ball-out. Sometimes you have to spend wisely and be a little frugal with the duckies.
Neither is it wise to show-off or tempt haters and thieves by flashing your dividends. Players in the Rap Game are an exception.
But, be wise. Many Players love the Spotlight and shopping sprees. Many enjoy The Glamorous Lifestyle and being pampered. There ain't nothing wrong with it. Enjoy your Life and the fruits of your Labor, But, be wise in your spending and stacking so those dividends last a good long time...
All of this is good Game... But those who have mastered the rules and principles of The Game... Their Game is DZL. They are often Successful in Business, Friendships, and live Luxurious Lifestyles. YOU CAN TOO.
You can have that SoulMate or Companion that you've dreamed of. You can acquire a nice home on the country-side and pair of nice Environment-Friendly vehicles parked in the garage. You can have trinkets, kicks, and toys, and travel enough to keep you busy for the rest of your life. But in order to get all of those things, you must develop your Supreme Game - That's that DZL.
But you must not focus on The Rewards more than you focus on Yourself. Keeping your mind right and pointed in the direction of your Goal. What weaponry will you have on your Space-Age Pimpin' Journey??
Your Wisdom
Your Knowledge about your Craft or Art
Your Skills
Your Talents
Your Experience
Your Instinct
Your Resources
Your Style
Your Personality
Your Communication Skills
The Tools of the Trade
Your Trusted Sidekick, Boss, or Boo
All of these things and more make up the Powers of your Game. What separates one Player from another is how each one uses these "weapons" in his or her life.
The Game changes depending on the "battlefield" and situation. A Player may be strong in some parts of his Game and weak in others depending on his Knowledge, Experience, Skills, and so forth. So, any Player can be stronger (or lose his strength and advantage) depending on the situation.
But the Player who's Game is Stronger overall will come out on Top most of the time...
Many women have been the victim of good Game used for scandulous purposes by "players". Many men have been hoodwinked, taken for a ride, and bamboozled by vixens, sirens, and seductresses with top-notch Game.

Some of these people allow themselves to be played (in order to receive a certain benefit). Some people don't recognize the Game until it's too late and the heathenous con-artist is long gone with their money. Some of these people can't recognize Game and get played over and over again. And, if you don't want to get played over and over again, then you must keep your Game tight, so that when you are recognized by the True Players in The Game, they will KNOW that you keep your Game tight and RESPECT YOUR GAME, because they know that you spit nothing but that "Fire Diesel" type of Game!
Game so huge that it's straight-up DZL!
(This will also keep those "monkeys" off your back)
The World is full of Game. Keep your eyes open! Soak it up and put it to use!
Keep It Tight, and Don't let the haters and doubters talk you out of it!


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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