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Beyond The Player's Lifestyle...

"Why Player-Hate?"

"A Plea To The Haters To Stop The Hate"


I ask you: What is the purpose of Man and Woman's existence in Life if not to Enjoy It?? What else could be our Ultimate Goals besides Good Karma and Enlightment? Yet, we have a range of emotions within all of us that cause negative actions and vibes.

Anger, Hate, Rage, Greed, Jealousy, Envy and Confusion are those extra ingredients (of the higher senses) that allow us to express ourselves through malice, injury, or destruction. Why is this?

Why do we need haterration and haters in our lives?

Why do negative thoughts exist?

Is it to help speed the process of Life?

Or, is it to give Death that extra edge to make sure that the Earth never gets TOO crowded?

It is the foolishness of Man.

He believes that He can OWN the Earth.

He believes that He should rule the World and Dominate.

But in time, the Earth will purge itself of Him and His ways. Just as He removes waste from his body, so does the Earth purge and recycle itself every few thousands of years... with or without His help.

Yet, we struggle against each other - man against man, culture against culture - for thousands and thousands of years only to vanish like the wind. ? Why? Yet, a new breeze comes and goes. And generation after generation passes. New Civilizations become old Civilizations. Old Civilizations become ancient Civilizations, Lost Civilizations, and Ghost Towns. Our hands often never getting the chance to touch the Desired Things we were fighting for. And so it is with the next generation and the next, until no one really remembers what they were fighting for. They only know that they hate the other side for a whole bunch of OTHER reasons now. Maybe the other reasons would've never cropped-up they hadn't been fighting in the first place.

Yea, no one remembers the old laws and customs anymore. Things change and the Good Path is forgotten.

Those who lived in the past fought because they hated the Haters and their ways of Oppression. The hated on the Haters who were bent on destruction, injury, and inflicting pain. They hated the Haters who were given to cheating, scamming, and conning the "Innocents" and the Meek out of their hard-earned money... And their right to live The Good Life!

Why did the Haters want so much Attention, Recognition, Power, and Control?

Why was the Haters so hell-bent on Torment and Subduing the True Players?

We argue, fight, and destroy each other for nought. Who can truly Conquer the Earth, Mother Nature, or Time?

There's no way for a man to cheat in This Game without some super-DUPER-hellacious resources. Not only would he have to defeat Time, Mother Nature, Accident and Chance, and Gravity, but he will also have to defeat the rust and madness that will be unleashed within his own mind. Eventually, it will decay without a way to repair.

Eventually, all of his friends and interests will be gone. In his old age, he will see and understand the foolishness and folly of "Hate" and "player-hating" and want no more of it. By then, it will be too late. He won't understand the desires of the new generation and the new generation will never be able to see or understand what his original intentions were in times past. Love, Peace, Harmony, and Good Times with Good Friends thrown away and wasted... 

Many of them lived their lives as busters, suckers, scrubs, and tricks... player-hating their lives away.

We all go the same way as our Ancestors. So why should we "hate" and live most of our lives Unsatisfied and Grieved? Why must the player-haters keep their hearts constantly immersed in negative thoughts, emotions, and vibes? Their spirits unrest and fluttering around and tumbling along the ground like dead leaves being pushed by the wind...

What is it in the hater's mind that has him or her jealous and starved for attention?

Why does "evil", "hate", "mischief", and "mean-spiritedness", occupy the haters mind when he or she comes up with "new" ideas or has nothing better to do with his or her time?

Why is it that the haters hate to see a Player doing good and trying to Enjoy his or her Life?

Haters have to realize that everybody doesn't want their opinion, agree with their ideas, and that they are not always right! Don't get mad Hater - or seek revenge - just because people don't always agree with you. Everybody ain't always right! Don't get frustrated and start back-stabbing! Control your haterration and put that Negative Energy to a Positive use! Let it drive you to improve YourSelf... Don't let it throw your mind off track or distract you from your share of The Good Life!

Why do we fight over things we will never ever be able to own?

There are millions of issues and dilemmas to concern ourselves with, yet petty-minded haters focus on gossip, spreading rumors, and stirring up troubles. Why??

Why don't they try to learn from a True Don or Diva, and improve their own Game? Why be so simple-minded as the hoodrats and scrubs in life?

Why view everything as a Competition? Why challenge and doubt everything all your life? Life is too short to hate and fear those that seem to be doing good with their life.

The haters shouldn't worry about who's getting ahead but how they can move up and Enjoy Life as well. The Game of Life is not a foot-race! If you're free and/or responsible enough to live your life, then the only Competition is yourself! You can get the things you're striving for if you are confident, creative, and make the effort. Therefore, you must learn the rules and regulations of The Game if you expect to win. You must learn how The Game is played if you expect to play well. You must constantly practice and train for Success! And, you must study and become a student of The Game and a "Jedi Master" in your own craft and industry so that them duckies will continue to roll in.

But don't forget the other Aspects of your life! Love, Family, Friendship, Comfort, Freedom, and Peace of Mind. That's Big Pimpin'...

Some haters probably started off as good people but due to their environment, upbringing, tragic conclusions, or fate, they have been affected emotionally in negative ways. Some may even blame God for their troubles. We forget that we all have a free-will and nothing that Man will ever create will be one hundred percent safe. Nothing in this World is perfect and free from error or destruction. Anything can go wrong at anytime. So, we have to be aware at all times. It's terrible that some of our Blessings don't come at the right time, but the Sadness and Pain of Life is its unconcern for Fairness... Also, all people aren't fair. There will always be those that cheat and practize malice and violence... Until... the player-haters learn to STOP the hate. When the World is full of peace, communion, and working together as we Elevate to "Higher Understanding", then we can Enjoy Life and have a good time again.

Why focus so much on others when the hater should be focused on Stackin'?? Why dabble in somebody's else's business (or "pimp business") when the hater should be focused on his own?? Stop procrastinating, hater, and get your hustle on!

Get your "groove" back!

Put your Game down and Handle Your Business and maybe you too can live "The Good Life" and "The Player's Lifestyle..."


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* Original definition from DZL MEDIA's "Promise Of Devotion" Series. (Copyright 2007)

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