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"Be careful who you give your phone number to because some salesmen will call you day and night and worry your ass to death."



Keep That Cash Flowing!

Although money and finances are serious topics in The Player's Lifestyle, the primary focus of all True Players is Supreme Game, Knowledge, and Wisdom... Because, a Player with Supreme Game and Supreme Wisdom will always be able to acquire all of the Ultimate Treasures of Life!

Money is, however, one of the necessary "tools of the trade".

But, with Supreme Game comes Supreme Cash AND a Supreme Lifestyle.

Therefore, take heed… for this wisdom IS Supreme Game…

It’s not about money, but how to preserve it and control it so that YOU will always be on top of YOUR Game.

A lot of doubters and "consumers" in The Game claim that money isn't a high priority in their lives. Do not be misled. Money and trade is a necessity throughout the land. In this day and age, we need money to survive and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. And as an Aspiring Player, one of your purposes in life is to increase financially. So, it is your duty to GET MONEY so you won't have to worry about money.


This is the TRUE GOAL of Man. Don't let the need for money control your emotions. Take your time and stack your cheese without rush, worry, or greed in your heart. This will also preserve your sanity and spirit. The money will come in due time if you are disciplined and wise in your spending.

When you don't have to worry about money, you can make your life less complicated and you will be able to focus on more important things like your relationship with your family and loved-ones. Personal or Spiritual development. You will be able to rest your mind and meditate on more important issues that bring happiness and peace into your life. You will increase your Game and be able to "spread the love" and share your money WISELY.

So, make the money but...

"Don't let the money make You!"

You must control and command your money and finances just as you would control and command every other aspect of your life! You must learn how to MAKE money instead of just surviving off of it! You must learn how to make your money work hard for You instead of you always working liking a dog for your money!

And this is where a top-notch Player excels... A True Player never worries about money, because he or she has enough Game, Knowledge, and Courage to go get it!
And a True Baller ain't afraid to share it (and knows how to spend it) so that it works for him or her on ALL levels and in all other aspects of his or her Life.

On the other hand, a person with no Game - or people without a clue - will let the money control them or destroy them. They get a little bit of bread (chump-change really) and lose their cotton-pickin' minds! They get a few measly grand from a court settlement or an income tax refund or whatever, and somehow come to the conclusion that they're Big Ballers! But what they don't realize is: They don't have the money! The money has them! It controls their attitude and emotions. It makes them impulsive spenders and show-offs. But when the well runs dry, it will make them look silly and foolish because they can’t handle being in possession of so much bread.

If their own pride, greed, or arrogance doesn't drive their friends and family off, or attract envious player-haters, or ruin their relationship, then being too free-hearted or senselessly throwing money away will get them in the end. Their Life will always be full of ups and downs and CONFUSION! They will always worry about money and bills! They don't realize that you have to have BALANCE in anything you do! And having good Game will help any Aspiring Player achieve this.

Therefore, practice DISCIPLINE and SELF CONTROL.

Don’t waste your money on knick-knacks, meaningless trinkets, outrageously expensive fads, or clothes you’ll never wear.

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced to spend when you know you should be stackin’.

Always be ready to bargain and negotiate for the best deal possible. And most important, be capable of being able to WALK AWAY from the best deal possible.

A good Player can recognize a sweet deal, but he or she can also see when the best option is to let the deal go. Don’t let yourself be swayed or pressured into over-

Use one of the old yuppie mantras:

“I’m running late, so I will have to talk to you another time about this. Give me your number and I’ll
call you.”

Or: “Is that the best you can do (on this item)?”

Or: “Can you give me a better deal?”

Or: “Let me think about it. Do you have a card?”

Or: “What if we…? How much will it cost me then?”

Or: “What if I…? Then, would you be willing to sell it to me at a price I can afford?”

Or: “Can you do any better than this/that on the price?”

Or: “This thing is damaged/scratched/torn. How much are you willing to charge me for it?”

Learn how to "wheel and deal". And there are many other ways to bargain, negotiate, and haggle. Don’t knock the hustle – ask for the best price! And don’t be afraid or too proud to get your hands dirty just because you have a little cash stacked to the side. If you have the time, make it happen. Whatever you do, HUSTLE AS HARD AS YOU CAN FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN. And use your Game to get the best deal that you can.

If you don’t know where to invest your money (school, business, stocks, real estate, or your talents), put it in an iron-clad guaranteed place where you know it will be safe until you DO decide to invest it.

Don’t let greed or risky opportunities be your downfall. Beware of mercenary pimps, unsavory players, con artists, and amateur financial advisors. NEVER UNDERSTIMATE THE GAME!!! If you do, you’re taking a serious risk of losing your entire Bankroll! Even a scrub can “run” game and play you out for your “duckies” if you ain’t listening carefully or paying attention. Remember: Game recognize Game. And those who have no game run a greater risk of being suckered and pimped!

Help when you can, but beware that you do not give away your blessing or money to fools who will allow you suck your bank account dry and put a strain on your pocketbook until it’s wobbly and broke! Put some distance between you and those hoodrats! Besides, you can never truly help anyone that doesn’t want to help him or her Self.

Don’t get slack when it’s time to stack! Keep hustlin’ and putting them dividends aside for a rainy day! Don’t spend it just because you got it. Hustle and reach for higher levels! Why continue on the merry-go-round of poverty and stress, when you can “blow-up” and live good like George and Weezie??? Therefore, Young Divas and Players…

Don’t focus on the money. Focus on your Game! Keep in mind that BETTER DAYS ARE COMING…

And, if your Game is tight, so it will be with your cash.


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