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32 Ways To Keep Your Pimp-Hand Strong

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Having a "pimp-hand" means having The Golden Touch - which is the ability to make something out of little or nothing - to Manage and Increase!
But in order for you to have The Golden Touch, young Players, your Game must be tight...
You cannot be a buster, local-joker, or scrub, and hope to have The Golden Touch. To have The Golden Touch, you must develop Wisdom and Knowledge, and be determined to put it to use! You have to have a "System for Living" as well as one for survival. These "systems" serve two purposes: One is to help you gain respect. The other is to help you keep it. To keep your pimp-hand strong you have to use these systems often.

1. Stack your cash so that you will always be able to "play and parlay". A broke Player is an anxious "player".
2. Never pimp yourself.
3. Don't allow yourself to be pimped.

4. Keep a clear and strong mind.
5. Always radiate Confidence. If you have confidence in yourself - other people will have confidence in you too.
6. Get your own stuff so that you won't have to live by someone else's rules.

7. Be mysterious and secretive - keep your personal life hidden from lurking haters, doubters, suckers.
8. Don't assume anything and question everything.
9. Always try to elevate your Game no matter how high you get.

10. Don't put the rich above you nor the poor beneath you - Be fair to others and to yourself.
11. Be prepared for the worst.
12. Always be on the look-out for opportunity.

13. Don't scatter your efforts. Keep your work and your life simple and stay focused.
14. Don't be afraid to say "No".
15. Don't be afraid to take risks.

16. Learn from your experiences - especially your mistakes - and do things the right way the next time.
17. Don't be afraid to fail or make mistakes.
18. Always have a back-up plan (or Plan B).

19. Never underestimate another Player, pimp, player-hater, or hoe.
20. Remember the Player's proverb: "Business before Pleasure!" Always handle your business so that you can play and parlay with a clear conscious.
21. Be determined to succeed. Don't get slack in your pimpin'.

22. Don't ever let anyone talk you out of your Game. Do whatever YOU want to do. Make yourself happy first and stay focused and vigilant on the path to The Good Life.
23. Stay active in The Game. Don't live the life of a spectator - always practice and play hard like a True Player should.
24. Strive to be an expert at whatever you LIKE to do or whatever you HAVE to do to make money.

25. Don't waste time or procrastinate!
26. Don't let laziness or sleep rob you of precious time. Use your time wisely to organize, parlay, and seek out new opportunities!
27. Know your Goals and what you must do to achieve them.

28. Always Network. Build friends and allies so that your resources will be plentiful. This will also help spread your fame!
29. Don't get too attached to your material possessions or money. Remember: Your Game is the most important asset you can have. With Supreme Game, you can always make more money and buy 10 times more stuff.
30. Always be aware of your surroundings and the situation.
31. Be enthusiastic about whatever you do and try to get others enthusiastic about it too.
32. Always strive to be a Leader. And when you can't lead, strive to be a well-informed follower (Advisor/Counsel) so that you will be the most Trusted and Respected follower.

* Always Be Ready to put a hater, buster, or sucker, in his place!


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